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Education and Research Center for Information Science
Supporting an advanced education for the multimedia age

This Center trains students to develop information literacy in order to function within an information-based society. It drives the promotion of IT within the university and provides a computing environment in which the latest technological innovations are employed.

The Center also lends its full support to those students who are studying at home while holding full-time jobs by developing and transmitting lecture contents and by providing long-distance classes with other universities via the use of the Internet.

The Center has an abundance of applied software necessary for research, and not only does it offer a high-level of education for all students, but it also contributes to supporting and developing the academic information environment for the next generation.

Faculty member
Name Title Field of Research Subject of Research
HATOGAI, KoichiProfessor Educational Technology, Information ScienceStudy of educational methods by means of multi-media technology. Methodological study of computer literacy and information science education. Study of management for distributed information systems.
SHINODA,Yujilecturere-learning system1) Modeling of the students' scenario on e-Learning courses.
2) Development of a mathematical formula scoring system.