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Mid-career and transfer student admissions

Konan University encourages all those who have the desire to learn. The faculties of Economics, Law and Business Administration offer a mid-career admissions system aimed at those wishing to resume their academic studies by enrolling as freshmen. In addition, an admissions system for transfer students who have done coursework at other institutions of higher education allows them to enroll as juniors.

The graduate school accepts applications for mid-career admissions to Master's and Doctoral programs, providing adult students with the opportunity to put the experience they have gained in the working world to good use in their chosen fields of specialization. Classes for the MBA program, for example, meet on weekday evenings and on Saturdays in order to accommodate the schedules of students with full-time jobs.

Public Lecture

A series of public lectures was begun in 1975 and is still continuing today in order to increase contact and understanding between the university and the local community. The lectures provide an opportunity for speakers, primarily the Konan faculty, to present their research findings to the public at large. Those attending gain a chance to learn about interesting themes, some of which may have direct relevance to their work.

The range of themes covered is broad, including economics, history, literature, science, personal computers, and sports. Each year a stimulating lineup of lectures is planned, thus winning much acclaim.

Non-degree enrollment

Konan University strives to accommodate those wishing to earn academic credits or obtain formal qualifications by creating a variety of opportunities for lifetime learning. The non-degree enrollment program furthers these aims. The program enables students to enroll in classes at the university and earn up to 32 credits in a year, for which they receive a certificate of completion listing the credits they have earned. Students in the second category may attend classes and earn up to 20 academic credits in a year.

Overall Konan University aims at becoming a groundbreaking university that provides a multitude of opportunities to all those who have the desire to learn.

Other event

Konan University sponsors a variety of events in addition to those mentioned above. The language classes offered at the Institute for Language and Culture employ state-of-the-art language labs to provide instruction in several different languages. The Research Institute's public forum is an opportunity for an active exchange of views in specialized fields.

The Counseling Center's student consultation office sponsors seminars and a host of other unique events. Furthermore, with the cooperation of administrations and other universities, Konan University has held the Hyogo Open College program and the Hyogo Lectures, which have both been extremely popular.