Access to Konan University Hirao Memorial Seminar House

MAPLL-TCP-TL 2019 is hosted by Konan University, Kobe, Japan, and the venue is Hirao Memorial Seminar House (平生記念セミナーハウス). Please note that Hirao Memorial Seminar House is NOT on-campus, but is off-campus, which is located a few kilometers away from the main campus.

Address: 2-29-15 Sumiyoshi-Honmachi, Higashi-Nada, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan

Walking directions FROM nearby train stations

There are two buildings on site, and the building in the south (downhill) is the venue.

Hirao Memorial Seminar House is about 700 meters (0.5 miles) Northwest of Sumiyoshi station (JR Kobe Line) and 700 meters Southeast of Mikage station (Hankyu Kobe Line), about 10 to 15-min walk.

From either station, the directions are relatively simple, but is a bit hard to explain because the building is in a residential area with no prominent landmarks. You may become worried as you follow the path because you will have to go through a residential area with no shops or restaurants, but have a faith in your sense of direction, and you'll successfully get there!

From JR Sumiyoshi station: Go Northwest

From Hankyu Mikage station: Go South and then East

From Hanshin Mikage station: Don't use Hanshin Railway, it's far!

Directions TO local train stations

Directions from Shinkansen stations:
Directions from airports: