5 Things You should Do before Studying Abroad

Name: A.N


Event Date: November 29, 2019

Time: 13:00~13:30


Write a summary of your Event (100 words or more)

     I’m going to talk about five things that I regretted I have should do before going to study abroad and tell my audience why I thought so. After that, I’m going to give them advice to do the five things. The first one is improving their listening skills to talk in English. Next is finding your hobbies to kill time. The third one is finding something you can be proud of to make friends out of classroom. The forth one is remembering some slangs to talk like native speakers. The last one is knowing the culture to live easily. And then, I’m going to sum up my presentation.


What do you want your audience to gain from your Event (50 words or more)

     I’d like them to do the five things as much as they can before they leave, especially listening skills. If they start listening practice soon, it must be easy to communicate with native speakers. Also, they can learn some useful slangs from my presentation and I hope they will use them.


What do you want to gain from doing your Event? (50 words or more)

     I’ll have confidence to speak English more than now. Now I talk with just few students when I’m working, so this presentation will make me easy to communicate in front of many people. Also, I can know what kind of topics do students like and make use of it next time.


List 5 key vocabulary words (or phrases) that you plan on using during your Event to help students understand the content/main message of your presentation/activity. Be sure to introduce these words sometime at the beginning of your Event.

1. What’s up?

2. Hi there.

3. My bad.

4. Awesome!

5. Got it!

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