Are Casinos Coming to Japan?

Name: S.F


Event Date: 12/19

Time: 10:40-11:10


Write a summary of your Event (100 words or more)

I am going to talk about casinos. Nowadays, building casinos in Japan is controversial. There are some good points, such as infrastructure, job creation. On the other hands, there are some bad points, such as gambling addiction or increasing poor people. I am going to show some examples of other countries which have casinos. After I explained some of these points, I’m going to ask the audience whether they agree with casinos coming to Japan. Actually I have never been to a casino, so I am going to ask some of my friends who have played in casinos for their opinions in my presentation.


What do you want your audience to gain from your Event (50 words or more)

I would like the audience to know what a casino is like and think about what would happen if casino come to Japan. I am going to try to speak easily and intelligibly because I think they are not familiar with this topic. I want them to imagine what it would be like if casinos come to Japan.


What do you want to gain from doing your Event? (50 words or more)

I’m pretty curious about casinos because it would make a big gain economically. But I also learned some bad points about building casinos, such as public concerns, gambling addiction.  In the future, I am going to work in a field related to event planning. Preparing for this presentation also helps me to learn a lot of information about casinos and IR(integrated resort).


List 5 key vocabulary words (or phrases) that you plan on using during your Event to help students understand the content/main message of your presentation/activity. Be sure to introduce these words sometime at the beginning of your Event.

1.      Facilities … buildings for specific something

2.      Integrated resort (IR) … get together to make a big group of facilities which has shopping mall, hotel, casinos theme park and so on.

3.      Job creation … increasing the need for worker / bring back jobs to an area which did not have many

4.      Activation … starting some process /doing something to work something

5.      Addiction … a person who can’ t stop doing something