Enjoying Study Abroad Beyond the Classroom

Name: K.T


Event Date: 13, Dec, 2019

Time: 10:45-11:15


Write a summary of your Event (100 words or more)

I am going to talk about my study abroad beyond the classroom and how to enjoy free time also.

I am going to introduce 5 important things about free time. These are my own experiences and preferences. The audience can enjoy other things in their free time. Also I experienced those things in Australia. Audience can enjoy other things in other countries and cites.

I am guessing the audience can enjoy my event and also my experiences can help them to choose a place for study abroad. Of course I would like the audience to choose Australia.


What do you want your audience to gain from your Event (50 words or more)

I would like audience to gain some information about study abroad and this information is

useful for people who want to go to study abroad. Audience can easily hear some stories about studying, but I am going to introduce stories about after class activities. It is a really nice opportunity I think.


What do you want to gain from doing your Event? (50 words or more)

I can gain confidence in speaking English in front of a lot of people. It is a really useful experience for my future, because I am going to work at a trading company from next year. I must use English when calling or typing messages to clients. So it is good for me and my audience also.


List 5 key vocabulary words (or phrases) that you plan on using during your Event to help students understand the content/main message of your presentation/activity. Be sure to introduce these words sometime at the beginning of your Event.

1. Sunshine State (太陽の州)

2. Convenient (便利な)

3. Overcome (克服する)

4. Aussie (オーストラリア人)

5. Just Chilling (リラックスする)