Machine Learning Assists AI

Name: K.J


Event Date: 7th January

Time: 12:20 ~ 12:50


Write a summary of your Event (100 words or more)

I will introduce what AI is first.

Then, I will talk about how can we make AI?

There are some methods to create AI.

But AI is divided into three learning methods mainly.

That’s why I will give some information of them to the audience in that day.

And I will talk about Machine Learning (ML) after that explanation.

ML includes those methods to learn.

I want to show the supervised learning of ML to the audience.

Because it is easy understand for the audience to use it and fun.

Lastly, I will conclude my presentation.


What do you want your audience to gain from your Event (50 words or more)

My audience don’t know about AI so many.

But my presentation gives my audience what AI is then.

My presentation is concise and at the point.

And I want to make my audience be interested in AI or ML.

Because somebody work traditional not to use AI.


What do you want to gain from doing your Event? (50 words or more)

I want to gain some information of AI more.

And I want to become good speaker of presentation to use techniques of them.

Also, I will speak English speedy and smoothly.

It is important things for not being boring the audience.


List 5 key vocabulary words (or phrases) that you plan on using during your Event to help students understand the content/main message of your presentation/activity. Be sure to introduce these words sometime at the beginning of your Event.

1. predict

2. learn

3. detect

4. input/output

5. object