My Life in China

Name: H.T


Event Date: 2019/11/21

Time: 13:00-13:30


Write a summary of your Event (100 words or more)

       I’ll focus on three basic points. Shanghai’s environment, local culture, and everyday lifestyle. Shanghai is a big city. I’ll talk about the gap between rich and poor, traffic conditions, and air pollution. Next, I’ll talk about Shanghai’s culture so the audience can see what is an Ayisan, street stalls, and stinky tofu. Finally, I’ll describe my experiences in Shanghai. I went to middle school and high school in Shanghai. Parents had to take students to school until they graduated from middle school. In high school, there weren’t any school buses so I went there by subway. Sometimes I overslept in the train and almost passed my station. But some people woke me up so I could get off the train in time. I learned the importance of helping each other.


What do you want your audience to gain from your Event (50 words or more)

     I want my audience to gain the knowledge of Shanghai’s tidbits. I hope this presentation will help the audience feel closer to Shanghai’s culture. And if they have the chance to visit Shanghai, this presentation will help make their trip more enjoyable. The audience also have a good image of Shanghai.


What do you want to gain from doing your Event? (50 words or more)

     I want to improve my presentation skills. I’m trying to increase my vocabulary and phrases. My script was checked by international students. They revised the revision points. I saw the presentation by other students and learned how to make, describe, make the audience have fun, and how to get the audience interested in my presentation.


List 5 key vocabulary words (or phrases) that you plan on using during your Event to help students understand the content/main message of your presentation/activity. Be sure to introduce these words sometime at the beginning of your Event.

1. rickshaw(人力車)

2. air pollution(大気汚染)

3. street stalls(路店)

4. stinky tofu(臭豆腐)

5. subway(地下鉄)

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