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Institute for Language and Culture

Providing an environment for acquiring global communication skills

The Institute for Language and Culture was established to provide language instruction and to foster cross-cultural understanding. A basic principle of the institute is to nurture a broad cross-cultural perspective through the study of foreign languages. Essentially, it is believed that language instruction contributes to an international perspective and life-long educational opportunities. A comprehensive foreign language and cultural education curriculum is offered for university students and exchange students in order to prepare them to participate in the global era. Moreover, cutting edge digital tools are employed in multimedia and iPad-equipped “iCALL” classrooms in order to maximize the overall learning experience.

Faculty member
Name Title Field of Research Subject of Research
KO, Kintei Professor Chinese Language, Comparative Literature: Japanese and Chinese Literature, Comparison of Japanese and Chinese Culture, Cross Cultural Management Research on differences of communication between Japanese and Chinese; research on cross-cultural communication of Japanese corporations in China
NAKAMURA, Noriko Professor French Literature, Teaching French as a Foreign Language, Multiculturalism Research on the plays of Jean Giraudoux, French multimedia teaching materials development, multiculturalism
TSUDA, Nobuo Professor TOEFL, Study Abroad Theory of Multiple Intelligences and its application in education
FUJIWARA, Mieko Professor Teaching and Learning Foreign Languages Motivation for learning German as a foreign language; analysis of textbooks for teaching German as a foreign language
IBA, Midori Professor English Phonetics, Applied Phonetics Speech perception and production, pronunciation of English, Verbo-tonal Method
KIM, Tae Ho Professor Japanese Medieval History, Comparative Culture between Japan and Korea Comparative studies of folk culture in Japan and Korea
CHICHE, Didier Professor French Literature, Teaching French as a Foreign Language History of French intellectuals, French cinema, multiculturalism in French society
MACH, Thomas Professor Language Teaching Methodology, Learner Autonomy, Sustainable Living Practices Digital literacy, L2 vocabulary acquisition, self-access language learning; cross-cultural perspectives on agrarianism and sustainable living movements
ISHII, Koichi Associate Professor Teaching Methodology (Chinese) Chinese modern literature, Chinese education, comparative culture(China/Japan)
KIRK, Stanley Associate Professor Applied Linguistics and TESOL Motivation in second language acquisition, motivation in student volunteerism, reading and writing pedagogy, history of Japanese immigration to Canada
TANIMORI, Masahiro Associate Professor Japanese Grammar, Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language Topics of sentences, teaching materials development
YOSHIDA, Keiko Associate Professor Applied Linguistics, Teaching English as a Foreign Language Perception and pronunciation of English speech sounds (development and training); English education in Asia, Strategies in classroom and autonomous study, students' perceptions about their goals, responsibilities and abilities in learning English
WANG, Marian Associate Professor Higher Education Policy and Practice, Second Language Acquisition Raising Global Human Resources through Debating, Critical Thinking, Higher Education Policy Reform, World Englishes
NOMURA, Yukihiro Lecturer German as foreign language didactic methods, communicative approach to the teaching German, intercultural competence
KOBAYASHI, Ayako Instructor English Language Teaching Learner autonomy, metacognitive instruction, Learning strategies
ANDRZEJEWSKI, Daniel Instructor Culture and Society Modern Japanese society, history of Japanese cultural traits and trends, minority experiences in Japan
STRINGER, Thomas Instructor TESOL Task Based Language Teaching, Psycholinguistics, Teacher Cognition, Scaffolding, Professional Development
MERTENS, Craig. Instructor TESOL Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), Vocabulary Acquisition.
KOBAYASHI, Jeanette. Instructor TESOL Constructivist teaching methodology and lesson design, Active learning, Scaffolding