A steady step toward the legal profession Founded in April 2004
Law School

You will become a law professional who meets international standards.

With Konan University's long tradition of educating students for the worlds of trade and business, the newly established Konan Law School promises to nurture superlative business lawyers.

The Konan Law School opened its doors in April, 2004. Backed by the tradition of business-centered education on this campus, the Law School trains students to be legal experts in all sorts of business environments, from venture companies to big enterprises. Graduates from KLS will contribute to the further development of the Japanese economy.

Our curriculum includes effective and concentrated study of business law, focusing mainly on intellectual property law. Developing and protecting intellectual property is the frontline for companies in the world of technological innovations. KLS aims to be the educational base where competent and highly qualified lawyers are trained in the fields of copyright and licensing law.

In order to solve various social problems including crime in the 21st century, lawyers need a balance of legal knowledge and practical skills. The Law School is determined to fulfill the mission of training a new breed of socially concerned and active lawyers.

Faculty member

Name Title Field of Research Subject of Research
ISHII, Noboru Professor Administrative Law Government contract, administrative litigation, administrative procedure.
HAYASE, Katsuaki Professor Constitutional law, Philosophy of Law Precedent, Law and language.
MARUYAMA, Atsuhiro Professor Constitutional law Study of the developing theories about fundamental human rights in present Germany.
UMEMOTO, Yoshimasa Professor Company Law Regulation of the modern stock market.
MAEDA, Junji Professor Civil Law, Civil Procedure Law Study on the method of construction of substantive law in civil practice.
MIYAGAWA, Satoshi Professor Civil Procedure Law Appeal System in Civil Cases.
YAMADA, Junko Professor Corporate Law, Securities Regulation Corporate Governance.
SONODA, Hisashi Professor Criminal Jurisprudence Cyber Crime.
HIRAYAMA, Motoko Professor Criminal law Penal Regulation for Market Abuse Acts.
Crime of Omission.
WATANABE, Gishu Professor Criminal Justice Criminal investigation. Prosecutor's role.
Criminal trial. Judicial reform.
Trial by Saibanin.
ITAKURA, Shuichi Professor Intellectual Property Law Study on Copyright Law,Trademark Law,Patent law and Unfair Competition Law.
HAMATANI, Kazuo Professor Economic Law Legal analysis of the frameworks between competition and regulation.
SHIMIZU, Tokiyo Professor Civil Law, Family Law, Social Security Comparative study of Maintenance and Welfare in Japanese law and German law.Legal support in aging society.
YAMAMOTO, Takaaki Associate Professor Civil Law  
KOBUNE, Masaru Associate Professor Administrative Law Right for Good Administration.
Internationalization of Administrative Law.