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Faculty of Business Administration

Creating leaders on the cutting edge of the economic world Cultivating scholarship and practical ability that can be utilized worldwide

In today's world corporate activities go beyond the boundaries of countries and globalization is ever-expanding. This creates a demand for generalists who have skills such as the ability to communicate in English, navigate the Internet, and forecast the future in any field. On the other hand, there is also a great demand for specialists (such as certified public accountants, licensed tax accountants, and analysts) who are equipped with specific knowledge needed in our increasingly complicated society. In addition, the skills required to find new business opportunities and carry out venture activities are also highly valued. Our department is organized into a curriculum where students can choose from among three areas - Management, Accounting, and Commerce - in order to train generalists, experts, and managers who will play an active role in solving various issues. Konan's Graduate School of Accounting is scheduled to be established in 2006, aiming to train certified public accountants and provide courses to nurture specialized qualifications in accounting. Also, the faculty has a plan to establish a research center for business innovations in the near future, where research activities will be carried out for the local and wider communities. It will link the industrial world, government offices and other universities to become a new business model based on themes concerning new business start ups, guidance, and training of venture corporations. The center aims to further develop into a business school that provides the best education for those wishing to handle the important business issues of the 21st century.

The Faculty of Business Administration focuses on the behavior of corporations and sheds light on the mechanisms of the economy and organizations while conducting applied research. Our Management, Accounting, and Commerce courses respond to the needs of contemporary society and can be utilized not only in Japan but worldwide, corresponding to the globalization of corporate activities. Furthermore, through internships, volunteer activities and overseas study trips, the Faculty aims at cultivating people who possess a rich sense of ethics and a humanistic outlook. Finally, all of our students participate in small classes with teachers offering meticulous guidance so that they can enhance their individuality and become business leaders of the 21st century.

Faculty History
1952 The Faculty of Economics (Department of Economics) is established
1960 The Faculty of Law (Department of Law) and the Faculty of Business Administration (Department of Business Administration) are established
1994 The Faculty of Law in the Department of Business Law is established
2002 The EBA Program is jointly established in the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Business Administration
Faculty member
Name Title Field of Research Subject of Research
HIROYAMA, Kensuke Professor Business History, Business Anthropology Study on the formation and/or development of business firms through case methods.
NISHIMURA, Junji Professor Marketing, Distributive Channel System, Science of Commerce Study of dynamism in Japanese distribution system.
IKEDA, Koji Professor IT Auditing Theoretical and Empirical Research on IT Auditing.
SHRESTHA, Manoj Lal Professor Strategic Management, Policy Studies and International Economics Strategic Management and Policy Studies Focusing Innovation and Intellectual Property Management.
OTSUKA, Haruyuki Professor Financial Economics Optimal capital structure and business fluctuations under asymmetric information.
BABA, Taiji Professor Business Management and Financial Management Corporate Governance and Financial Policy of Japanese Firms.
NAGASAKA, Yoshiyuki Professor Management Accounting, Management Information System Framework and methodology for the boundary between information technology, management accounting and cost management.
SUGITA, Toshiaki Professor Management in Asia, Management in China The case studies about management behavior of the Multi - national Enterprises in Asia and China. The case studies about management behavior of Asian and Chinese companies.
NAITO, Fumio Professor Auditing, Financial Accounting Research on a Theoretical Framework of Audit/Accounting Standards and Study on the Disclosure and Assurance Services of Business Risk Information.
KUBOTA, Hideki Professor Financial Accounting Comparative Study of Accounting Regulations Reform between Japan and Germany, History of Accounting Regulations in Japan.
SUGIYAMA, Yoshihiro Professor Management Accounting Empirical studies on management accounting system.
WAKABAYASHI, Hiromi Professor International Acconting,Financial Acconting. Einpirical Research on Financial Reporting.
MIKAMI, Kazuhiko Professor Game Theory, Decision Analysis Study on coalition formation in n-person bargaining. Decision theory in insurance markets.
FURUTA, Miho Professor Tax Accounting Study of tax incentives and corporate activities.
OGATA, Mamiya Professor Organization Theory, Business Management and Organizational Behavior Organizational socialization of young workers and organizational socialization tactics.
ITO, Kimikazu Professor Auditing Study on negotiation between auditors and managers.
OKUNO, Akiko Professor Business Administration / Human Resource Management The Performance Evaluation System of the Returner from Maternity Leave.
YAMAGUCH, Satoru Professor Corporate Finance Corporate payout policy and cash holdings.
FUJITA, Junya Associate Professor International Management Studies of managerial problems caused by internationalization of business enterprises.
SATO, Kei Lecturer Consumer Behavior Study of consumer psychology using machine learning and unstructured data.