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Department of Nanobiochemistry

The faculty of Frontiers of Innovative Research in Science and Technology (FIRST) has been established in 2009 at a new campus of Konan University located in Port Island, Kobe. Taking advantages of the low student-teacher ratio (35 undergraduate students per 15 faculty staffs), the finest education is in progress for producing Bachelors with a strong background and experimental skills in the fields of nanobiochemistry and related sciences. Unique educational facilities for the undergraduate students, including MyLab, are installed, where each student has a private desk and locker with wireless networking facility. The faculty also features specialized research facilities for NMR and ESR studies, thermodynamic studies, electron microscopic studies and so on. FIRST shares a campus with Frontier Institute for Biomolecular Engineering Research (FIBER), which was established in 2004 and moved into the Port Island Campus for driving a FIRST-FIBER collaborative project financially supported by MEXT, Japan.

Faculty member
Name Title Field of Research Subject of Research
SUGIMOTO,Naoki Professor Physical Chemistry of Biomolecules Study for stability and function of nucleic acids and their related proteins
NAWAFUNE,Hidemi Professor Electrochemistry and Functional Nanomaterials Development of electrochemistry and nanomaterials towards electronic microdevices
ONO,Hyoe Professor Materials Engineering Development of material processing
NISHIKATA,Takahito Professor Molecular and Cellular Developmental Biology Studies on animal development and evolution. Analyses of cellular responses against environmental stress.
KAWAKAMI,Junji Professor Genetic Phermaceutical Sciences Design and generation of new ribozymes and other functional nucleic acids. Construction of artificial gene regulation systems. Quantitative analysis of bio-molecular interactions.
MURASHIMA,Takashi Professor Organic Synthesis Synthesis of novel organic compounds interacting with biomolecules
MATSUI,Jun Professor Biofunctional Polymer and Biosensing Development of nanobio-based materials and sensors for detecting biologically active compounds
FUJII,Satoshi Professor Bioinorganic Chemistry Research of metalloprotein/enzyme and metal-related disease, and development of bio-inspired inorganic materials
AKAMATSU,Kensuke Professor Nanomaterials Development of metal nanoparticles/polymer composite materials, and Fabrication of electronic devices based on inorganic nanoparticles
NAKANO,Shu-ichi Associate Professor Biomolecular Function Investigation of the biomolecular functions and interactions toward nanobiotechnology
MIYOSHI,Daisuke Associate Professor Rational Design of Functional Biomolecule Quantitative analysis and rational designs of structure and function of nuleic acids and their applications toward new nanobiotechnologies
KOUMOTO,Kazuya Associate Professor Bioorganic Chemistry Synthesis of functional molecules for biotechnical, pharmaceutical and medical applications
NAGAHAMA,Koji Lecturer Functional Nucleic Acid and Biomaterials Development of biopolymer-based functional materials for biomedical applications
USUI,Kenji Lecturer Bioanalytical Chemistry Construction of analytical systems for biomolecules in extracellular, intracellular and/or pseudo-cellular environments with protein engineering and peptide engineering
TSURUOKA,Takaaki Lecturer Inorganic Photochemistry Development of nanostructured materials with novel optical properties and their applications to optical and biological devices