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Hirao School of Management

The Hirao School of Management focuses on the study of economics and organizational management, and provides for a well-rounded program of study through complementary courses in liberal arts and English language subjects. The School also aims to strengthen the ability of students to learn both on their own and in cooperation with others. Students are encouraged to develop their abilities to think reflectively, act on their own judgement and manage their own lives. The goal is to equip students with the power to perservere through life and not turn away from its challenges. The School offers a curriculum centered on a wide range of active learning oportunities. Most classes are small, and are taught by a supportive and unusually diverse faculty. Particular emphasis is placed on projects conducted by small groups of students. Through these projects, students explore themes linked to real society. In their first year at the School, students are divided into four groups, within which students engage in group-work and compete in teams to present their research results. In doing so, they develop an understanding of the basics of project-oriented learning at the outsest of their university career. Furthermore the School offers many opportunities for students to participate in off campus fieldwork and study abroad.

Faculty member
Name Title Field of Research
BOYLES, Corinne Professor Labor economics
IM, Miok Associate Professor Marketing
INOUE, Akira Professor Educational technology informatics
ITO Takeaki Lecturer Accounting
JONES, Brent Professor Language education and educational technology
KOH, Youngjae Associate Professor Technology management,Organizational theory of management, Management strategy
KURAMOTO, Takashi Lecturer Local public finance
MAEDA, Masako Professor Social security, Local administration, Demographic issues
PALMER, Roger Associate Professor Education and communication skills
SAEKI, Kunio Professor Marketing
SATO, Harumasa Professor Economics
SHIMAMOTO, Kenichi Lecturer Environmental economics
HIROWATARI Kiyoshi Professor History of international finance
MASAKI Katsuhiko Professor International and regional cooperation
WATANABE Toshio Associate Professor Macroeconomics/Financial Policy
NAKAMURA Soichi Associate Professor Corpolate business finance
SUGIMOTO Kimiko Associate Professor International finance development economics
TERAUCHI Mamoru Associate Professor Science literacy