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Welcome to Konan PsychLing!

Linguistics/Psycholinguistics Lab at Department of English, Konan University (KonanPsychLing) is specialized in theoretical-linguistic and psycholinguistic studies in various languages, including but not limited to English, Japanese, Irish, Vietnamese, etc. (We are part of the English Department, but our graduate linguistics program is not confined to the studies of English; our objectives are to explicate all aspects of human linguistic capacity.)

Konan University Linguistics/Psycholinguistics Lab (PsychLing) is comprised of linguistics/psycholinguistics graduate students and faculty members of the English Literature and Language program of the Graduate School of Humanities at Konan University (Kobe, Japan) (=> Japanese; English).

Our research interest ranges over various fields of theoretical and experimental linguistics including 1st and 2nd language acquisition, sentence processing, experimental phonetics and phonology, as well as theoretical syntax, lexical semantics, formal semantics, and pragmatics.

You will learn how to conduct research using various experimental methods such as acceptability judgment questionnaires, self-paced reading experiments, eye-tracking experiments, etc. You will also learn how to use R to run statistical analyses using various methods such as t-test, ANOVA, logistic regression, linear mixed-effects models, etc.

Take a visual tour inside Konan Psychling Lab to see experimental settings.

We are accepting applications from qualified students in our master's and doctoral programs. For more information, feel free to contact Ken Nakatani from the Mail Form.

Faculty members

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Nigel G. Duffield, Ph.D. (University of Southern California)
Syntax, language and cognition, L1 and L2 acquisition, Vietnamese syntax
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Akitoshi Fukushima, M.A. (Konan University)
Phonetics, prosody
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Kentaro Nakatani, Ph.D. (Harvard University)
Sentence processing, lexical semantics
Co-organizer of Kansai Circle of Psycholinguistics (KCP)
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Andrew T. Martin, Ph.D. (UCLA)
Phonology, language acquisition
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Master's program

Our master's program is a 2-year program where graduate-level basic courses in phonetics, phonology, syntax, semantics, and psycholinguistics are offered. Students are also required to take seminar classes tailored for students' individual interests and to submit a master's thesis.

Courses Credits per semester
Seminar Ia-IVb 2
Phonetics I, II 2
Phonology I, II 2
Syntax I, II 2
Semantics I, II 2
Psycholinguistics I, II 2
Academic Writing Ia-IIb 1

32 credits, of which 8 should be from Seminars, are required toward the degree.

Doctoral program*
*Note that this program is a "post-master" program, for which only the applicants with a master's degree are elligible.

Our doctoral program is a 3-year program where doctoral candidates with a master's degree take at least 8-credit worth of seminar courses with their advisors and write up a doctoral thesis.

Tuition and fees

Tuition and fees are as follows. Entrance fee is applied for the first year only.

Entrance fee (One-time fee) 300,000 JPY
Tuition 617,000 JPY

There’s an opportunity of tuition reduction for international students.
If applied, the tuition will be 431,900 JPY.

There's also a merit-based scholarship program.
If applied, 200,000 JPY will be awarded (each year).

There will also be possibilities of research assistanceship and teaching assistantship.

After two years of the program, if a student stays in the program with no course work, the tuition will be reduced to a quarter of 617,000 JPY.

Language proficiency

A prospective student must be proficient in English. A student is also expected to be capable of using Japanese to some extent. They do not have to be fluent in Japanese (as long as they are fluent in English) because all the classes could be taught in English upon request, and the thesis should preferably be written in English. Also, Konan International Exchange Center can help you with various troubles you may encounter as an international student here in Japan. However, it would of course make your life much easier if you are capable of using Japanese, at least at the N3 level, preferably at N2 (though, of course, N1 is the most desirable).


The application schedule for our grad school is (belatedly, finally) officially issued. The pdf version of the brochure should be available on line soon from https://www.konan-u.ac.jp/exam/graduate/application/.

There is a major change in the application/admission procedure:

The schedule is as follows:

Application period Date of the interview
1 July 25th--August 1st, 2022 September 3rd, 2022
January 11th--18th, 2023 February 18th, 2023
1 Applications from international students without residency status are accepted only during this period.

Those who are interested are encouraged to contact one of the faculty members for details.