AWL Practice Pages
These pages are created by teachers and students at Konan University. They offer interactive practice exercises to help you remember the words in the first five sets of the Academic Word List.


What is the Academic Word List?
It is a list of 570 word families divided into 10 sublists. (Currently, the practice exercises on this website make use of only the first 5 sublists.) It was developed at the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. The list does not include words that are in the most frequent 2000 words of English. It was made in order to help students and their teachers identify the vocabulary that appears most often (beyond the most frequent 2000 English words) in English educational settings. More information can be found at the website of the AWL developer.


Download Sets 1~5
If you lost your copy of the AWL Sets 1~5 that your teacher gave you, you can click here to download a new one as a PDF file.

The Sets

If you click on any of the sets, the words belonging to that set will appear in this column.