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  Blue & Red label Green and Orange label
  No. of books Loan period No. of books Loan period
Student Up to 10 14 days Up to 2 14 days
Faculty Up to 20 30 days Up to 2 14 days

– Loan periods may vary during intersession and semester final exam.
Blue label: Japanese books
Red label: other language books
Green label (Nakayama-Bunko): novels, bestsellers, travel guidebooks etc.
Orange label (Language Study Room): novels and bestsellers in English

There are the circulation desks on the 1st floor and on the 2nd floor. Automatic check out machines is also available beside the circulation desks.
– You can renew the book once before or on the due date, unless someone has placed a reserve on it.

The following books and materials are in-library use only:
– Reference books
– Periodicals (including newspapers and magazines)
– Audio-Visual materials

Please return the books to the circulation desks. When the library is closed, use the book return slot on the right side of the entrance.
– Return the books to the library which you borrowed.
– When the book becomes overdue, your borrowing privileges will be blocked until it is returned and
during the same number of days as that it was overdue. (It’s also be blocked at other facilities.)
– If the book is damaged or lost, ask at the circulation desks. Borrowers are liable for charges incurred to
repair or replace the book.


The copiers available on each floor are intended for the purpose of making photocopies of books and materials belonged the Library. The copiers accept either a prepaid photocopy card or coin.
– Prepaid photocopy cards may be purchased at the school store.
– Library materials may be photocopied under the conditions specified in the copyright law. Fill out the request form and drop it in the request box attached to a copier.Please observe the following rules when making a photocopy.

  1. The part to be duplicated is not the entire copyrighted material, but only part of the material.
  2. Thesis or articles in periodicals may be entirely duplicated, but should be limited to those published at least three months ago, or whose next issue has been already published.
  3. For each item, a single copy per person is allowed.
  4. Photocopying is allowed only for the purpose of study or research.
  5. Do not reduplicate or distribute the photocopies.
  6. Making photocopies of personal notebooks is not allowed.

Audio-Visual materials

  Mon. – Fri. Sat.
Semesters 9:00-20:50
(Reception -17:50)
(Reception -12:50)
Summer Intersessions 10:00-15:50  closed
Others 9:00-16:50 9:00-12:50

There are also Audio-Visual materials in the library. You can use them at Audio-Visual booths. Fill out the request form and take it with the material to the circulation desk.
– Audio-Visual materials are in-library use only.

Visual materials (DVD・Video・LD)
→ the circulation desk for Audio-Visual materials on the 1st floor
Audio materials (CD・Record・Cassette tape)
→ the circulation desk on the 2nd floor

Using the Internet

You need your login ID and password to connect the Internet. Login ID is issued by Joho-System-Shitsu(情報システム室).
– If you have any question about Internet and PC, ask Joho-System-Shitsu(情報システム室).
  (Joho-System-Shitsu(情報システム室) located on the 1st floor at the Building 3.)

1. Computers for students
Computers for students are available on the 1st floor, on the 2nd floor and
on the basement floor. The computers in PC room are also available.

2. Circulating laptop PC
Circulating laptop PC are in-library use only. Fill out the request form and take it with your student ID card to the circulation desks.
– Please use the laptop PC at the designated area.
– Electric plug is available on or under the desks.
– The circulating laptop PC will connect the Internet wirelessl.

3. Using your smartphone, tablet PC and laptop PC
– To use Wi-Fi, you need WPA2. Ask it at the circulation desks.
– Please use the laptop PC at the designated area.
– Electric plug is available on or under the desks.

By using university network on your own PC, you agree to the following:

  1. You will keep your computer updated for security fixes from the appropriate software update service (Windows Update on windows computers, Software Update on Apple computers)
  2. You will have anti-virus and anti-malware software on your computer that is kept up to date.
  3. You will not use any peer-to-peer or file sharing applications (ex. Winny) on the network.
  4. You must install ActiveX module and a checkout program for scanning the banned applications on your own PC when you access the network for the first time. (When your login ID is authenticated for the first time, you can install it by clicking on the icon that appears on your desktop.)
  5. To use wireless network, you need WEP KEY. Ask it at the circulation desks.
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