Applied Sociology

The Department of Applied Sociology was established in 1964 with a master's program, with a doctoral program added in 1971. In both programs, students will develop the ability to understand the basic principles of society and culture, accurately grasp changes in society, and open up to new situations, through various subjects such as sociology, cultural anthropology, history, human geography, and folklore.

In this department, faculty members, who are leading academic researchers in Japan, provide students careful guidance in small classes. In research activities, we focus not only on theory but also on practical research, such as fieldwork, which students can carry out in various regions. Graduate students are encouraged to attend academic workshops and conferences, aiming to acquire interdisciplinary knowledge and expertise. Many of our graduates are active at the forefront of academia, education, and the media industry.

Society and Culture

Name Title Research areas Research contents
ABE, Masahiro Professor Sociology Sociologic studies of organizational culture and occupational culture.Sociologic studies on “stuff” which influences human behavior.
OBITANI, Hiroaki Professor Sociology, Environmental Sociology Theoretical and empirical studies on sustainable development in Japan and Asian countries;Applied studies of participatory action research
KURITA, Nobuyoshi Professor Cultural Sociology, Theory of Collective Behavior,Sociological Theories Sociological studies on costume and makeup of young women in contemporary Japan, from the viewpoint of fad and fashion.
SUGA, Yasuhiro Professor Sociology Sociology of rurality and urbanity. I-turn migration and today’s residential preference, especially from the viewpoint of TOPOPHILIA (TUAN, Yi-Fu): migrants’ imagined landscape, scenery in their mind's eye, and their narrative.
TANO, Daisuke Professor Historical Sociology, History of Media Socio-Historical Studies on Mass Communication, especially on Propaganda, Entertainment and Sexuality under National Socialism. Study on Japanese-German Cultural Relations regarding Leisure and Recreation.
NAKAZATO, Hideki Professor Sociology of Family, Sociology of Work My main research interest is work-life balance for women and men with small children in contemporary Japan. Focusing on gender order, the demographic structure, and the effects of social policies, I have been trying to locate problems related to these issues and explore means to address them. My research extends to historical and comparative approach (Australia, Germany, Sweden etc.).
NISHIKAWA, Mugiko Professor Cultural Anthropology Research on the function and possibilities of grassroots media through fieldwork on community activities and media strategies in the US and the UK, and my own media work as a host of weekly Japanese language program from a community radio station in the US.
HOSHI, Atsushi Professor Quantitative Sociology, Sociometrics Quantitative sociological studies on social networks. Research publications in the following specific areas: studies of fertility behavior and attitude; studies of child-rearing and social support networks.
MATSUKAWA, Kyoko Professor Cultural Anthropology, South Asian Studies Research interests: Multilingual situation in Goan society (India); the globalization of Indian performing arts; transnational community and citizenship of Indian expatriates in the Middle East (especially Kuwait).

History, Geography, and Folklore

Name Title Research areas Research contents
SATO, Yasuhiro Professor Japanese History Research on the ancient and medieval history of Japan, especially on aristocratic society, nobles' lordship, local administration, tax collection, currency and exchange.
ZUSHI, Nobutada Professor European History Research Interests:Religious and social history in the Middle Ages. Heresy and Inquisition. Orality and Literacy. I am currently working on inquisition records in medieval Languedoc, focusing on how they were written, preserved, and used for prosecuting heresy.
TAKADA, Minoru Professor Modern British History Historical research on social problems in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In particular, the changing relationship between friendly societies and the state in welfare before the First World War.
DEGUCHI, Akiko Professor Folklore and Cultural Geography A study of tourism civilization on Japanese traditional boats and maritime culture
NAKATSUJI, Susumu Professor Human Geography Research on changes in land use and livelihood in hilly areas of Southeast Asia
NAKAMACHI, Nobutaka Professor Oriental History. Islamic Area Studies Social history of intellectuals (ulama) in the Islamicate world from 13th to 15th centuries. Cultural study of popular movement in the contemporary Arab world.
NARUMI, Kunitada Professor Historical Geography History of cartography
HIGASHITANI, Satoshi Professor Japanese History The research of governance system in Edo Period, for example, how to rule a village by the feudal lords. And, comprehensive research of Daimyo.