Graduate School of Humanities

Graduate courses offer students the opportunity to attain deeper levels of knowledge in particular subject areas. Four major courses are offered to satisfy the desire to know more about ourselves, our languages and cultures.

Japanese Literature and Language

The course is devoted to research on the Japanese language and on Japanese literature. Possible research topics related to the Japanese language include its grammar and semantic characteristics. Themes related to Japanese literature that are currently under study include investigations into the works of the ancient and medieval periods, bibliographical and annotated analyses of modern literature, and research on modern and contemporary authors and their works. Our program also accepts adult auditors who want to pursue in-depth research on aspects of the Japanese language and its literature.

English Literature and Language

This course offers in-depth studies in literature, language and culture in the English-speaking world. By preparing papers for presentation in the Konan English Literary Society and working towards their graduation theses, students are enabled to deepen and enrich their knowledge in their chosen field. Classes are kept small to ensure maximum participation in discussion and provide a high level of personal guidance from faculty members. (For further information on the linguistics section of the program, please see the Konan ‘Psychling’ website: https://www.konan-u.ac.jp/hp/els/psychling/ .)

Applied Sociology

The course offers fundamental studies in sociological areas such as family, information, regions, and networks. It also reaches out to provide a broader range of subjects such as cultural anthropology, history, human geography, and folklore, offered by academic staff that willingly share advice and expertise. Research can be conducted with a wide perspective so as to adequately address the diversity of issues in our contemporary world.

Human Sciences

The course is devoted to the fields of contemporary thought and clinical psychology. Based on the various ways of understanding and doing research on the crisis of the mind of contemporary human beings, the program aims to train and cultivate clinical psychologists whose mission is to professionally help and support people. In the doctoral degree program, emphasis is placed on the study and research of both fields.