Graduate School of Social Science

Accessing a world of advanced and practical studies. This school offers two programs that help to foster the growth of people who will play key societal roles in the 21st century.


This program offers a broad and diverse range of study opportunities. A variety of perspectives and methods are presented, including theoretical studies based on fundamental economic theory, historical studies that aim to analyze the economic development of various countries, policy studies that deal with public finance and social policy, and research covering international economics and applied economics. The small class size provides for more intense lectures and seminar courses that promote personal and intellectual development.

This program also offers a certified tax accountant course. This course is designed for students aiming to become certified tax accountants or businesspeople with a high level of specialized knowledge of tax law and tax systems. Students earning a Master’s Degree in this course are entitled to preferential application for formal qualification as a certified tax accountant.

Business Administration

This program is designed for students aiming to become businesspeople or entrepreneurs with a high level of specialized knowledge or for those pursuing careers in professional fields such as certified public accounting (CPA) or tax accounting.

Based on a commitment to be at the cutting edge and to deliver a specialized education that has practical benefits for society, the most advanced research system is offered in this program. The Master's degree program offers evening courses, and thereby lends its support to businesspeople hoping to obtain advanced degrees. As there is an educational training benefit system for specially designated courses sponsored by the Ministry of Welfare and Labor, if specific conditions are met, a partial tuition subsidy will be available.

In the Doctoral degree program, students select an area of specialization and engage in high-level scholarship.