Master of Economics Degree Program


This program offers a broad and diverse range of study opportunities. A variety of perspectives and methods are presented, including theoretical studies based on fundamental economic theory, historical studies that aim to analyze the economic development of various countries, policy studies that deal with public finance and social policy, and research covering international economics and applied economics. The small class size provides for more intense lectures and seminar courses that promote personal and intellectual development.

This program also offers a certified tax accountant course. This course is designed for students aiming to become certified tax accountants or businesspeople with a high level of specialized knowledge of tax law and tax systems. Students earning a Master’s Degree in this course are entitled to preferential application for formal qualification as a certified tax accountant.

Name Field of Research Subject of Research HP
ADACHI, Yoshimi
Public economics, Public finance
Empirical analysis on tax and social security finance
My field of research is principally concerned with national and local public finance focusing on tax and social security burden. I have worked on the public economics, the effect of central and local tax revenue and administrative expenditures, especially social security service such as public pension, public health center, long-care nursing and parental. I am also working on the financial resource allocation using proprietary public data, industrial data and household consumption data sets. None
AOKI, Koji
International Economics
A theoretical and empirical analysis of the system of present-day international economy
Major is applied econometrics. Research field includes building of global LINK model and its simulation analysis, quantitative analysis of environmental issues, and econometric model building of Japanese, Chinese and regional economies (annual, quarterly and high frequency). None
EHIRO, Akira
Public Finance
Analysis of government financing in modern Japan.
My current research theme is historical analysis of Japan's fiscal and monetary policy. In particular, the issue is to elucidate the policy-making process of public debt management, fiscal investment and loan program, and social security. None
Associate Professor
Industrial Economics
Economic Analysis of Network Industry
Handles various problems related to the Internet such as infrastructure development and network neutrality as a hardware issues. Recently, I am also interested in software (contents) services flowing on the Internet so that we have to learn more about Copyrights and information literacy education. None
HAYASHI, Ryosuke
Public policy
Study on design and implementation of public policy
In order to revitalize the local economy and local public finance, public policies must be based on scientific evidences and appropriate policy evaluations must be conducted. For these reasons, I am studying about design and implementation of public policy. None
HIRAI, Kensuke
Economic History
Economic History on Japanese Colonies (especially Taiwan)
Regarding the economic growth of the Japanese colonies, previous studies emphasized the role of Japan (market and economic policy etc.). Unlike such studies, I discuss the impact from “the Asian economy”, or the local actor who react new economic opportunities occurred under the colonial rule. None
INADA, Yoshihisa
Principles of economics
Economic forecast
Major is applied econometrics. Research field includes building of global LINK model and its simulation analysis, quantitative analysis of environmental issues, and econometric model building of Japanese, Chinese and regional economies (annual, quarterly and high frequency). None
Financial Econometrics
Econometric modeling of financial time series and empirical testing of asset pricing models, with application to risk management.  Recent interests include modeling and forecasting of financial market volatility using high-frequency data. None
Specially Appointed Professor
Tax Law
Income taxation
The relationship between the choice of private legal form and the transformation of the original nature of income None
Urban policy
Regional economic analysis
Regional characteristics (not only hard but soft infrastructure) affect residents’ QoL (Quality of Life). We explore an appropriate measure of QoL including “social vulnerability” such as people with disabilities and reveal the relationship between QoL and each economic actor. None
KASUGA, Norihiro
The Theory of Corporate Organization
Analysis of the relationship between government regulations and corporate behavior and/or results
Despite the progress of economic deregulation, there are still areas in the market where entry regulations, tariff regulations, and dominant operator regulations are required. In addition, there also exists social regulation to give consideration to safety and environment. We analyze how these regulations affect corporate behavior and/or performance based on actual data. None
KO, Yong-Soo
International Economy
Contemporary Asian Economy
The Study on financial and corporate structure in South Korea, Taiwan and China None
Estimation and Hypothesis Test for Econometric Model
A statistical analysis of the economic data. I apply the technique of the econometric model analysis to the analysis of the environmental policy. None


Game Theory

(1) Research on non-cooperative bargaining game theory. Especially, I am interested in aspects of coalition-formation and asymmetric information in multilateral bargaining situations.
(2) Research on incomplete information core and mechanism design.

MORI, Takeshi
Micro-econometrics analysis
I am working on research regarding of human being's behaviors, using micro-econometrics analysis, such as the probit analysis and the conjoint analysis. None
MURASAWA, Yasutomo
Measuring business cycles and inflation expectations
(1) Research on how to define “business cycles” clearly and estimate it as a latent variable behind observable economic indicators
(2) Research on how to use interval data to estimate the distribution of inflation expectations
NAKAGAWA, Shintaro
Public Economics
Economic analysis of public issues
Public issues are issues related to the common interest of a group. Any individual member of the group cannot solve them without cooperation with other members. Examples of public issues include disaster prevention in regional community, improvement of the global environment, and international peace. I theoretically investigate these issues with public goods theory in public economics. None
OKADA, Motohiro
History of Economic Thought
History of Thought on Labour
Studies in the evolution of thought on labour from the mid 19th to the early 20th century and critical assessment of neoclassical, Keynesian, Marxian, and other modern economic theories None
OKUDA, Takashi
History of Social Thought
Study of the Neapolitan Enlightenment
Through diachronic investigation of “civic humanism” moment in the Mediterranean world inherited from the classical age, and with synchronic exploration on the problem of “civilized society”against the background of“circulation of ideas”in the 18th century Europe, the significance of“civil economy”by Antonio Genovesi must be elucidated. None
TAKEUCHI, Tsunatoshi
Specially Appointed Professor
Tax law
The research of the tax avoidance and the indefinite concept on the tax law
The research subject makes relation to the negation of the tax avoidance and the indefinite concept on the tax law.
As for the problems which relate to the interpretation-the application of the indefinite concept about the positive law to disavow a tax avoidance, through the precedent case analysis ( Yahoo case, IBM case and so on ), it is doing the study of the meaning today.
TERAO, Takeru
Principles of Economica
Theoretical Basis of Macroeconomics
Methods of macroeconomics analysis have become more sophisticated in recent years. However, this does not necessarily imply that there are deeper understandings of macroeconomic phenomena such as unemployment, business cycles, and economic growth. I am conducting research with the aim of clarifying the requirements for macroeconomic theory to increase its descriptive and explanatory power. None
UESHIMA, Yasuhiro
Labor Economics
Technological Change, Globalization, and Income Inequality
My research is to analyze the impacts of technological change and international trade on the macroeconomy in Japan. With regard to technological change, examining the long period from manufacture to automation, while allowing for inter-industry linkage and the impact on final demand, my aim is to explain movements in aggregate employment and labor’s relative share. With regard to international trade, my focus of concern is with its influence on the compositional structure of labor demand and wage differentials. None
Environmental Economics
Empirical Studies, Innovation and Climate Change
Empirical studies in the field of Environmental Economics. The relationship between policies on climate change and innovation is a key area of interest. None