Business Administration

Business Administration (Master's Degree)

A founder of Konan Gakuen, Hachisaburo Hirao joined Tokio Marine Insurance (the predecessor of currently Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance) and started his business carrier there. Thereafter, he became the President of Kawasaki Shipyard (currently Kawasaki Heavy Industries), and then the President of Nippon Steel. He played important roles in the business world during the turbulent times of the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa eras. He was appointed as Minister of Education in 1936 and made a great effort to make people who succeed at world-class level.

The program of Business Administration (Master's Degree) was established in 1965 based on the Hirao’s sprit of foundation of realizing practical professional education useful for society, along with advanced theoretical research that leads the times. In 1971, the doctoral program was also established.

We are ready to provide the high-end research system that can deepen and enhance professional education in this program. Our curriculum is organized into basic, advanced and applied subjects, and our education is focused on fostering innovative and creative businesspersons and business elites to solve real management problems. The research area consists of three fields: business administration, accounting, and commerce. Lectures include major themes of each field so that students can learn wide range of business matters. All lectures are conducted based on the meticulous small-size education.

You can participate in joint research of industry-government-academia collaboration conducted at our Institute of Business Innovation. You can also be exempted from some exam subjects for tax accountant qualifications if you take qualified classes.

We support working persons in acquiring of a master's degree. This master's program is education and training grant system designated by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Our AO entrance examination was introduced in 2008 and we have promoted admission from diverse human resources actively.

Business Administration (Master's Degree)

In the business administration (doctoral degree) we aim to foster researchers and businesspersons who theoretically and practically study problems related to more advanced and complicated management phenomena for those who have completed the Master's program and those who have the same academic ability.
Those who aspire to be researchers can acquire independent and creative research abilities. Furthermore, there is a way to give a doctorate to a businessperson who is aiming for a higher level. Those who aspire to be practitioners can learn the outstanding abilities to solve the problems based on deep knowledge. Namely, innovative abilities related to management theory and management practice are nurtured under the individual research guidance by professors willing to help out.
Faculty Title Field of Resarch Subject of Research
IKEDA, Koj Professor Doctor of Business Administration(Kobe University) Accounting and Information Systems
・Sustainable Value Creation and Corporate Reporting
ITO, Kimikazu Professor Doctor of Business Administration(Kobe University) Auditing Subject of Research
・Study on negotiation between auditors and managers.
OTSUKA, Haruyuki Professor Financial Economics ・Optimal capital structure and business fluctuations under asymmetric information.
OGATA, Mamiya Professor Doctor of Business Administration(Kobe University) Organization Theory, Business Management and Organizational Behavior
・Organizational socialization of young workers and organizational socialization tactics.
OKUNO, Akiko Professor Doctor of Business Administration(Osaka City University) Administrative Management, Human Resource Management
・The Study of Performance Evaluation Regarding Personnel from Maternity or Childcare Leave
KITAI, Akira Professor Organizational culture, Organizational development ・Fieldwork and intervation study of organization.
KUBOTA, Hideki Professor Doctor of Business Administration(Kobe University) Financial Accounting
・Comparative Study of Accounting Regulations Reform between Japan and Germany, Study of History of Accounting Regulation in Japan
SAKURADA, Ryoko Professor Human Resource Management, Career Management ・Flat organizations, incentives, career management, career education
SHRESTHA, Manoj L Professor Ph.D.(Graduate University of Advanced Study) Strategic Management, Policy Studies and International Economics
・Strategic Management and Policy Studies Focusing Innovation and Intellectual Property Management.
SUGITA, Toshiaki Professor
Management in Asia, Management in China ・The case studies about management behavior of the Multi - national Enterprises in Asia and China. The case studies about management behavior of Asian and Chinese companies.
SUGIYAMA, Yoshihiro Professor
Doctor of Business Administration(Kobe University)
Management Accounting ・Research on Management Accounting Systems. Education of Management Accounting Theories and Practices.
TAKAMURO, Hiroshi Professor
Doctor of Commerce Science(Kobe University)
Marketing Management ・Study of Marketing Management on modern society
NAITO, Fumio Professor,
Doctor of Business Administration(Kobe University)
Accounting (Financial Accounting and Auditing) ・"Research Activities: Theoretical Research on Financial Accounting and Auditing (including Corporate Governance)
・Education Activities: Lectures and Exercises on Financial Accounting and Auditing"
NISHIMURA, Junji Professor
Doctor of Commerce Science(Kobe University)
Marketing, Distribution System ・Study of the Dynamic Structure and Changes in Marketing and Distribution System.
BABA, Taiji Professor Business Management and Financial Management ・Corporate Governance and Financial Policy of Japanese Firms.
FURUTA, Miho Professor Tax Accounting ・Study of tax incentives and corporate activities.
MIKAMI, Kazuhiko Professor
Ph.D.(Boston University)
Game Theory, Decision Analysis ・Study on coalition formation in n-person bargaining. Decision theory in insurance markets.
YAMAGUCH, Satoru Professor Corporate Finance ・Corporate payout policy and cash holdings
FUJITA, Junya Associate Professor
Doctor of Business Administration(Kobe University)
International Management ・Studies of managerial problems caused by internationalization of business enterprises.