Rational and site-selective formation of coordination polymer consisting of d10 coinage metal ions with thiolate ligands using metal ion-doped polymer substrate

Takaaki Tsuruoka*, Yuri Miyashita, Ryuki Yoshino, Myu Fukuoka, Shoya Hirao, Yohei Takashima, Aude Demessence and Kensuke Akamatsu

RSC Advances, 2022, 12, 3716-3720

Here, we report an interfacial approach for fabricating CP consisting of d10 coinage metal ions with thiolate ligands on a polymer substrate. In our proposed approach, metal ion-doped polymer substrate as a precursor for CPs and a support substrate is utilized for the formation of CP-based films. It is found that CPs are selectively formed on the polymer substrate, resulting in the formation of CP-based thin films. In addition, utilizing the mixed metal ion-doped polymer substrate leads to the formation of mixed metal CP-based films. The site-selective growth of CPs can be also achieved by fabricating a pattern of polymer photoresist on the metal ion-doped polymer substrate. The developed interfacial synthesis of CP-based films will offer an alternative route to fabricating CP optoelectronic devices.