About Konan University

Konan in Kobe

Konan, founded in 1919, is a well-known private non-denominational university of roughly 10,000 students. We are located in a trendy neighborhood of Kobe, a sophisticated city which is home to over 1.5 million people. With its flourishing port, Kobe has long been influenced by foreign cultures and has a rich history of international exchange. It is sometimes referred to as “Japan’s San Francisco” due to its coastal hills and ocean vistas, as well as its unique and fashionable atmosphere. Our city is particularly renowned for its delicious bakeries and sweets, top-quality beef, and Japanese sake breweries.

Kobe is conveniently located near Osaka, Japan’s second largest city and bustling gastronomic capital, and Kyoto, the preeminent heart of Japanese culture and tradition. It’s also close to the spiritual sites and sacred groves of Nara as well as to Japan’s best preserved feudal castle in Himeji. Together, these cities comprise the heart of Kansai, western Japan’s largest urban and economic region. So, if you want to thoroughly experience everything that traditional and modern Japan has to offer, come join us at Konan in Kobe!

The spirit that built a school

Konan University was founded on the educational philosophy of founder Hachisaburo Hirao, who was a teacher, successful entrepreneur, and Japan’s Minister of Education. He believed that education should cultivate the mind and body as well as nurture students’ innate talents through respecting their individuality, Konan’s mission is to foster young people who have a fully developed sense of ethics and dignity, are capable of contributing to society, and possess the initiative and motivation to take on the challenge of making the world a better place for everyone. At Konan, we continue to cherish the independent entrepreneurial spirit that our founder forged through hard work and vision.

Konan’s Founder
Hachisaburo Hirao