Summer Intensive Japanese Program

Welcome to our Summer Intensive Japanese Program!

Make the most of your time during a summer you will never forget! Study the Japanese language and explore life in Japan while living with a welcoming host family. The 6-week Summer Intensive Japanese Program offers opportunities for students to increase their communicative competence in the Japanese language and develop a greater cultural awareness of Japan.

The 6-week Summer Intensive Japanese Program begins in early June and ends in mid-July. Speaking, listening, reading, writing, and grammar are given equal emphasis in the Japanese language curriculum. Special workshops for encountering Japanese language and culture through hands-on participation (e.g., calligraphy, tea ceremony, traditional drumming) are also provided. Students also take four lectures presented in English which focus on various aspects of Japanese society.

Syllabus for Japan Study Lectures

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Total instructional hours: 120 hours

Japanese language instruction: 110hours
(Supervised experiential Japanese learning included [5hours])
* Other lectures on Japan: 10 hours

Level: Intermediate Japanese (Japanese 201 - 202)

Prerequisites: Successful completion of approximately 150 hours of Japanese language instruction, or its equivalent.

Students who have already completed a second-year study course of Japanese are welcome to apply provided they understand that our program includes a review of typical second-year material.


Konan窶冱 original main textbook and supplementary books on communication

  • Japanese Class/Lectures on Japanese society

  • Active Japanese(Wadaiko/Shodo)

  • Field Trips

Program Schedule

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Living with a Japanese family immerses students in Japanese daily life and customs, offering a much deeper understanding of Japanese culture than would otherwise be possible. The homestay experience has consistently been highly regarded by students who have completed the program. These former students cherish the friendships they were able to make, and remember their Japanese host families with affection long after the program ends.

Program Guideline

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Who can apply

Students from Konan's partner universities are eligible to apply to the Konan University 6-week Summer Intensive Japanese Program.

For further information regarding the Konan University 6-week Summer Intensive Japanese Program, students should contact the study abroad office at their home university or the Konan International Exchange Center at Konan University.