KONAN GAKUEN was founded in 1919 by Hachisaburo Hirao. Hirao was born into a Samurai family. In the business world, Hirao made major contributions to the establishment and modernization of the property insurance industry in Japan and to the rebuilding of the Kawasaki Shipyard. As a social benefactor, he also established the KONAN Hospital. Hirao's superb leadership was evident in political circles and he served for a time as Minister of Education, making a significant contribution to the modernization of Japan's educational system. He brought his greatest passion and dedication to the work he did in the educational world.
Konan Gakuen now consists of Konan University, Konan High School and Konan Junior High School. We challenge each student to develop high virtue, physical strength, and a superior intellect.

The spirit of establishment

Founder Hachisaburo Hirao built Konan Gakuen based on his belief that young people should build their characters, enhance their health, respect others, and use their God-given talents. He also called for education that cultivates vigor and drive, as well as fostering of young men and women capable of contributing to societies anywhere in the world. Konan Gakuen continues to pursue these lofty goals in its mission of providing the education needed to turn out leaders of present and future generations.