Campus Life

Student Lifestyles

Always being there for the students to lend aid in finding what they truly wish to achieve

Career Center

Guiding students to find their ideal job and pursue rewarding careers

The Career Center aims to help every student establish his or her life goals during the four years of study at the University. Students develop the ability to act independently and successfully carry out their goals. Freshmen participate in the self-identity program, which clarifies their four-year educational plan and future goals; sophomores participate in the Academic and Career Selection program, which helps them select their ideal academic or career route; and juniors participate in the Preparation for Academic and Career Activities program where they decide on what is best for them.

The Career Center also provides private counseling by experienced career advisors; an internship program in which students experience working in the real world while still in school; a "career information reference system" where students can search for job information or information on company seminars using their mobile phone or home computer; and Network Campus Tokyo, through which students can search for jobs in this metropolitan area.

Student Counseling Center

The Konan University Student Counseling Center (Gakusei Soudan-Shitsu) offers counseling and mental health support services to both Japanese and international students who are experiencing distress in their lives. This may include adjustment difficulties, depression, anxiety and stress, or problems communicating with others.

Treatment options include individual counseling with qualified counselors, consultation, group therapy, and workshops. Psychiatric consulting services are also available.

Parents of students and university staff can also consult with counselors. All visits are confidential.

Counseling and consultation services are also offered at the Nishinomiya campus (CUBE) and Port-Island campus (FIRST).

For more information, please visit our website or contact us directly via phone.

An unconstrained and relaxing campus life that lays importance on individuality

The exciting Settsu Festival is held every November

The university festival called the "Settsu Festival" is held for five consecutive days every November and is enjoyed not only by the students, but by the local community as well. Students make detailed plans for these five days, painstakingly preparing for the festival. The events are lively and fun. This is a festival where you can feel the unconstrained and cheerful atmosphere that the students of Konan University possess.

Konan Camp is carried out by older Konan students for freshmen

Konan Camp is an event carried out for freshmen every year at the end of April. Students take the reigns to help freshmen get accustomed to campus life.

Lectures on contemporary subjects are organized and run by students

This unusual lecture series is organized and run entirely by Konan University students. Distinguished speakers are invited to lecture on a wide variety of subjects. A variety of themes such as academics, economics, and sports are discussed, and the series enjoys wide support among both students and the local community.

Extra-curricular Activities

Clubs and groups play an important role in helping to produce well-rounded students. At present, there are 34 clubs and groups devoted to cultural themes and 45 clubs and groups devoted to athletic groups.

Athletic Groups

Groups affiliated with the Athletic Society
Ice Hockey Team
American Football Team
Karate Club
Artistic Gymnastics Team
Kyuudo (Japanese-style archery)
Cruising Club
Kendo Club
Tennis Club
Baseball Club
Golf Club
Soccer Club
Alpine Club
Motor Sports Club
Judo Club
Rubber Baseball Club
Shorinji-kenpo Club
Swimming Team
Racing Ski Team
Rowing Team
Soft Tennis Club
Table Tennis Club
Cheerleading Club
Japanese Martial Arts Club
Equestrian Club
Basketball Club
Badminton Club
Volleyball Club
Handball Club
Figure Skating Club
Field Hockey Team
Boat Sailing Team
Yacht Racing Team
Rifle Shooting Team
Rugby Football Club
Track and Field Club
Wander Vogel Club
Women's Handball Club
Fishing Club
Lacrosse Club
Women's Lacrosse Association
Sports Lovers Club

Athletic Groups

Cheerleading Squad
Softball Association

Cultural Groups

Groups affiliated with the Cultural Society
International Student Association
American Studies Club
Igo-Shogi Club
Film Making
English Study Society
Dramatic Art Club
Tourism Research Club
Glee Club
Music Bands Club
Symphony Orchestra
Calligraphy Club "KOBOKU"
Japanese Traditional Art Research Club
Women Students' Club
(Tea ceremony, flower arrangement and cooking)
Natural Science Research Club
Volunteer Group for Children
Photo Club
Jazz Group
Women's Chorus Club "Amorozo"
Human Geography Club
Exploration Club
Railroad Club
Nogaku Club
Art Club
Literature Research Club
Hosteling Club
Mandolin-Guitar Club
Folk Customs Research Club

Cultural Groups

(Bar Examination Study Group)
Travel Lovers' Club
Astronomy Society
Pottery Study Group
Folk Song Group