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Center for Education in General Studies

Nourishing people of culture with a wide range of knowledge

The Center for Education in General Studies offers students subjects of Basic Course for General Studeis that are common to all faculties and departments and that can be used by those who want to learn other fields of specialty besides their primary one. According to their purposes or interests, students choose one from the courses that the Center offers and equip themeselves as people of culture to solve many problems by acquiring basic knowledge and ideas out of their own field of specialty. Though these subjects of Basic Course for General Studies students give themselves multiple viewpoints, nourish flexible thinking and expand their future capabilities.

Faculty member
Name Title Field of Research Subject of Research
YAMASAKI, Shunsuke Professor Coaching(Judo) Especially for the analysis of safety of "UKEMI" and research of existing state of World Judo.
FURUTA, Kiyokazu Professor Accounting, Auditing, Bookkeeping, Education of accounts Unification of accounting and auditing, Practical accounts
HATOGAI, Koichi Professor Educational Technology, Information Science Study of educational methods by means of multi-media technology.
Methodological study of computer literacy and information science education.
Study of management for distributed information systems.
NISHIKAWA, Kohei Professor Organization Development,
Organizational Behavior,Human Resource Development,Turnaround Management
1) Building the conceptual theries of OD
2) Building the practical theories of OD
3) Understanding the human dynamics of action research processes
KO, Yong-Soo Professor Asian economy Comparative Studies of Big Business Groups of South Korea
KATSURA, Yutaka Professor Majoring Coaching(Soccer) , Motion analysis Coaching techniques of soccer(especially for youth) movement; analysis soccer
IKARUGI, Chikako Professor Sport History Study of Badminton History in Late 19th to mid-20th century, Study of the internationalization of sport
UMEMOTO, Yoshimasa Professor Commercial law, Corporation Law, Securities Regulation regulatory architecture of the modern market and insider trading law
YOSHIKAWA, Ayumi Professor Fuzzy theory, Subjective information processing Analysis of subjectivity, vagueness, fuzziness, ambiguity, non-linearity and intuition in human information processing and its application for solving real-world problems
MIZUSAWA, Katsuko Professor Sports medicine, Volleyball, Yoga, Pilates Research of athletic training on college athletes: the prevention and the athletic rehabilitation of sport injuries.
ITO, Koji Professor Coaching(Athletics) Instruction and Motion Analysis in Track and Field.
SOGABE, Akitoshi Professor Sports Medicine, Training Science, Human Growth and Development, Sports Policy, Budo Theory. Development of the training method according to the characteristic. A study of muscle activity and skeletal motion by the different of knee alignment from electromyographic, kinetic and kinematic analysis. Influence of Budo on human development.
KUBO, Haruka Professor Public Administration, Environmental Policy 1) Research on environmental policy process and governance; interlinkage between international and domestic politics, role of knowledge in policy process, and comparative analysis of environmental protection agencies.
2) Research on community engagement and local authority.
SHIMIZU, Tokiyo Professor Civil law, Family law Japanese and German comparative study of private and public assistance, long-term care insurance, adult guardianship, inheritance
KONISHI, Yukio Associate
Higher Education Policy,EU Legal Studies, International Relations 1) Comparative Studies of Higher Education Policies in Member States of EU.
2) Brexit and future of Single Market.
YAMAMOTO, Takaaki Associate
Civil law Law of Set-off
YOSHIMOTO, Tadahiro Associate
Theory of sport movement and behaviour, Lifetime sports, Coaching (Artistic Gymnastics) Theory of sport movement and behavior, Lifetime sports, Methodology of artistic gymnastics
SHINODA, Yuji Associate
e-learning system 1) Modeling of the students' scenario on e-Learning courses.
2) Development of a mathematical formula scoring system.
CHIBA, Mihoko Lecturer Higher Education, History Measuring Student Learning Outcomes in Higher Education Muscovite Russia (16th and Early 17th Century)
History Education
MIYAGAWA, Kimiko Specially Appointed Professor Clinical Psychology, Sandplay Therapy 1) Evidential study on sandplay therapy
2) Fundamental study on some sandplay expressions of elderly people
3) Study on psychological process and developmental theme for elderly people
4) Research on clinical psychological support for non-attendance student
HASEGAWA, Takehiko Specially Appointed Professor Library and information science Study of the organization and administration of a library and of its technical, informational, and reference services
TAKEDA, Yoshihisa Specially Appointed Associate Professor Career design 1) Active learning
2) Workshop
OKAMURA, Kozue Specially Appointed Associate Professor Non-Profit Activities, Citizen Participation, Regional Cooperation 1) Study of Non-Profit Organizations for Citizen Participation in Public Services
2) Study of Social Participation Programs through Industry-University and Public-Private Coordination
NISHIURA, Taro Specially Appointed Associate Professor Student counseling, Clinical Psychology, International students in Japan Counseling and Consultation in Japanese universities, Organizational assistance for international students, Mentality of Japanese returnees
YAMAMOTO, Shari Lecturer Global Education Research on self-access learning centers and active learning in higher education