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Counseling Center

The Counseling Center (located in Building 18) provides counseling services for the students (Student Counseling Room) and for the general public (The Counseling Room).

○Student Counseling Room

○The Counseling Room
The Counseling Room at Konan University is a training institution for graduate students studying in clinical psychology. It offers the public individual psychotherapy, group therapy, counseling and referrals to other specialists. The Room also administers psychological assessment and testing. The Room draws on the experience and expert findings and knowledge based on research, education and clinical practice that comes out of the Graduate School in Human Sciences at Konan University. Most therapists are master’s students and advanced trainees in clinical psychology under the supervision of senior therapists. The Room houses four private rooms for individual sessions, three play therapy rooms for children, and a large room for group sessions, as well as special facilities for music therapy and sand-play therapy. Specialties in psychotherapy vary but include: psychoanalytic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, sand-play, art therapy, etc.

Konan Institute of Human and Sciences (KIHS)
With the establishment of the Konan Institute of Human and Sciences (KIHS) in 2002, the Counseling Center has gone on to become a base for research activities, thus enhancing the relationship of organizations of organizations both within and outside Konan Gakuen.