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Cyber Library

A learning environment incorporating the most advanced multimedia technology

Completed in April 2001, the Cyber Library (located on the third floor of Building 5) houses books related to social science subjects as well as multimedia materials.

The number of people utilizing the facility is steadily increasing, and the annual number is expected to reach 100,000 in 2004. The number of days that the library is open is approximately 350 days a year and is open on Sunday as well as holidays.One floor of the library measures approximately 2,300 square meters and is a spacious and comfortable environment for study.

Users may access the Internet and search CD-ROM databases from the 24 computers found in the multimedia study area. Although it mainly contains social science-related databases, there are databases on a variety of other fields as well.

The Cyber Library also provides a study space for those studying for various licensing exams and/or graduate school entrance exams, as well as a video corner and periodical corner.