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Institute of Human Sciences

A place of research that is one step ahead and that focuses on "caring for the mind"

This Institute was established with the aim of creating and developing a new field of research through combined study of clinical psychology and human science. Since 1998, the Institute has been supported by the Ministry of Science's Frontier Program to continue its research on theme, "The Crisis of the Mind of Contemporary Man." During this time, the promotion and expansion of research has been great. In addition to symposiums and research conferences, the main responsibility of the Institute is to hold training programs and lectures and publish documents. Research themes are established every year, and research conferences are carried out according to the chosen themes. Symposiums based on the results are then scheduled to be held. Following the publishing of volume one through four of "The Crisis of the Mind and Clinical Knowledge" by Shinyosha in 2003, the Institute is scheduled to publish seven more books by the year 2007.