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Learning Utility Center for Konan University Students

Supporting Education with Information Technology and Individual Learning Assistance

In April 2015, the Education and Research Center for Information Science has completed its mission after 19 years of long service as an information technology educational training center to help students to develop information literacy. It has been thoroughly reorganized as a brand new "Learning Utility Center for Konan University Students". This provides basic information technology training and a progressive learning-support/education system. This center makes it possible for lecturers to offer attractive and high quality classes and for students to design their own learning style. It also provides guidance for making effective use of learning commons and the "flipped classroom" in their classes. The center is also in the process of organizing a new way or learning system called BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices).

Faculty member
Name Title Field of Research Subject of Research
HATOGAI, Koichi Professor Educational Technology, Information Science Study of educational methods by means of multi-media technology. Methodological study of computer literacy and information science education. Study of management for distributed information systems.
SHINODA,Yuji lecturer e-learning system 1) Modeling of the students' scenario on e-Learning courses.
2) Development of a mathematical formula scoring system.