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Teacher Education Center

One of the professions in which Konan University students make use of their specialty is teaching. In order to support prospective teachers in our university, we set up the Teacher Education Center in October 2005. Besides the regular classes in the theory and practice of education, we provide extracurricular lectures and seminars to improve students’ practical skills in teaching. From time to time, we invite Konan graduates, who are working in junior or senior high schools, to come and share their practical experience as teachers, which is always a good opportunity to motivate our students. The center also offers information and guidance regarding the Teaching Staff Examinations for current students, as well as for graduates.

Faculty member
Name Title Field of Research Subject of Research
SADAKANE, Koichi Professor Pedagogy, Psychology Educational consultation, Student guidance, Career guidance,Special support education
FUJIWARA, Kengo Specially Appointed Professor Pedagogy,World history Studies about theory and practice of teaching methods for Social Studies, Geography, History and Civic education. World history, especially the study of ancient Germanic people.
ITO, Tomoko Specially Appointed Professor Pedagogy,Educational methods Develop research on the Dalton Plan. Case study of Active learning utilizing ICT. Research for Reform of Educational Administration.
YAGI, Mayumi Specially Appointed Professor Pedagogy Teacher Education. Curriculum Studies. Educational Administration. Studies about theory and practice of teaching methods for the Period for Integrated Studies.