Career Center

Guiding students to find their ideal job and pursue rewarding careers

The Career Center aims to help every student establish his or her life goals during the four years of study at the University. Students develop the ability to act independently and successfully carry out their goals. Freshmen participate in the self-identity program, which clarifies their four-year educational plan and future goals; sophomores participate in the Academic and Career Selection program, which helps them select their ideal academic or career route; and juniors participate in the Preparation for Academic and Career Activities program where they decide on what is best for them.

The Career Center also provides private counseling by experienced career advisors; an internship program in which students experience working in the real world while still in school; a "career information reference system" where students can search for job information or information on company seminars using their mobile phone or home computer; and Network Campus Tokyo, through which students can search for jobs in this metropolitan area.