Education and Research Center for Sport and Health Science

Education to enrich the mind and body for a lifetime

Since its establishment, Konan University has emphasized physical education for its physical fitness benefits as well as for its role in developing a culture of socialization, moral instruction, and refinement of the will and spirit.
The Center works to transform these ideals into reality through multifaceted research and its application to the human body and exercise. It is involved in many aspects of physical education, including elementary physical training, strength analysis, and a variety of sports. It is believed that health and physical education are indispensable in order to enrich the mind and body for a lifetime.

Faculty member

Name Title Field of Research Subject of Research
YAMASAKI, Shunsuke Professor Coaching Techniques Especially for the analysis of safety of "UKEMI" and research of existing state of World Judo.
KATSURA, Yutaka Professor Majoring Coaching (Soccer) Coaching techniques of soccer (especially for youth) movement; analysis of soccer.
MIZUSAWA, Katsuko Associate Professor Athletic Training Research of athletic training on college athletes: the prevention and the athletic rehabilitation of sport injuries.
IKARUGI, Chikako Professor History of Sport History of Badminton.
ITO, Kouji Professor Methodology of Physical Education Instruction and Motion Analysis in Track and Field.
SOGABE, Akitoshi Professor Sports Medicine, Training Science, Human Growth and Development, Sports Policy, Budo Theory. Development of the training method according to the characteristic. A study of muscle activity and skeletal motion by the different of knee alignment from electromyographic, kinetic and kinematic analysis. Influence of Budo on human development.
YOSHIMOTO, Tadahiro Professor Phenomenological-morphological methodology Methodology of artistic gymnastics.