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Based in the Department of Science and Engineering, the Graduate School of Natural Science is comprised of 5 programs: Physics (Master’s and Doctoral Programs), Chemistry (Master’s Program), Biology (Master’s Program), Life and Functional Material Science (Doctoral Program) and Intelligent Systems and Informatics (Master’s and Doctoral Programs). Covering a wide range of fields in both pure and applied science, these programs conduct cutting-edge research and offer opportunities for academic exchange across fields. Each program works at transforming scientific technology and focuses on cultivating graduates who possess flexible applied skills and a diverse range of knowledge for harnessing creativity.

At this school, we actively carry out joint research with other universities and corporations. Our fully-equipped research facilities house a diverse array of equipment such as Electron Microscopes, Confocal Laser Microscopy, Laser Ablation System, Superconducting FT-NMR Instrumentation, Subpicosecond Laser Spectrometers, Gene Isolation Analysis Systems, Microscopic Laser Raman Spectrophotometer, Cell Sorter, Electroencephalograph: EEG, Magnetic Resonance Imaging System, MRI-system, Motion Capture System, Driving Simulator, Communication Robot.

As of March, 2020, the Graduate School of Natural Science has awarded 1,336 master’s degrees (natural science/science and engineering/informatics) and 112 doctoral degrees (natural science/engineering/informatics, roughly 27 being dissertation-only doctorates). Upon completing their degree, graduates have gone on to work in various areas of society such as research, education, public service and industry.




Life and Functional Material Science

Intelligent Systems and Informatics