Graduate School of Natural Science

Challenge Yourself with Creative, Cutting-edge Research

Based in the Department of Science and Engineering, the Graduate School of Natural Science is comprised of 5 programs: Physics (Master’s and Doctoral Programs), Chemistry (Master’s Program), Biology (Master’s Program), Life and Functional Material Science (Doctoral Program) and Intelligent Systems and Informatics (Master’s and Doctoral Programs). Covering a wide range of fields in both pure and applied science, this school conducts state-of-the-art research and offers opportunities for academic exchange across fields. Each program works at transforming scientific technology and focuses on cultivating graduates who possess flexible applied skills and a diverse range of knowledge for harnessing creativity.

At this school, we actively carry out joint research with other universities and corporations. Our fully-equipped research facilities carry a diverse array of equipment such as Electron Microscopes, Confocal Laser Microscopy, Laser Ablation System, Superconducting FT-NMR Instrumentation, Subpicosecond Laser Spectrometers, Gene Isolation Analysis Systems, Microscopic Laser Raman Spectrophotometer, Cell Sorter, Electroencephalograph: EEG, Magnetic Resonance Imaging System, MRI-system, Motion Capture System, Driving Simulator, Communication Robot, etc.

As of March of 2017, the Graduate School of Natural Science has awarded 1,254 master’s degrees (natural science/science and engineering/informatics) and 106 doctoral degrees (natural science/engineering/informatics) (about 27 of which were dissertation-only doctorates). Upon completing their degree, graduates have gone on to work in various areas of society such as research, education, public service and industry.