The institute of Business Innovaion was founded in 2005 to stimulate the regional Hanshin and Kansai economies through researching the types of business innovation that are most needed for the development of the local economy and business activities in the 21st century. We aim to play the leading role in invigorating the regional economy and society by developing models of enterprise and organizations in collaboration with the central and local governments, enterprises, and domestic and foreign research institutes. Our project entitled Research on Social Collaboration for the Creation of a Local Economy Cluster was adopted in 2005 as the Collaboration with Local Communities Project by Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Also, our Research on the Management of Technology Based on Alliances project has been adopted in 2006 as the 2006 Project to Promote the Introduction of Programs to Train MOT Personnel by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Currently, most of our work is related to these large-scale projects.

In 2011, Institute of Business Innovation challenges the new research project:
The Study for constructing the Innovation Platform coming from KANSAI areas.
This research project is selected and authorized by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Based by the research outcomes inlast 5 years studies for social cooperation in KONAN University, this research project will verify :
What is the roll for us, this Institute to play as the research platform in the era of globalization and Asian world.

We set the two research problems in this project.
1.The study of platform function for expanding and strengthening the cooperation.
We study the constructing process of stimulating and creating the innovation between industrial sector, government sector, and academicsector.
We aim at cooperating the different countries industrial, government, and academic organizations and activating it.
2.Comparative study of stimulating and creating innovations in the east Asia and Japan.

Exchanging research fellow and materials between China, Korea, Taiwan, and us, international comparative research proceeds for verifying theplatform roll to strengthen the cooperation.
From the view point of stimulating this study, we settle and operate the research collaboration system for real time collaboration with someinternational bases of universities, industrial organizations, and so on.
We hope, we can present the various outcomes of this institute with this system and have some internet-meetings .

E-Mail bi@adm.konan-u.ac.jp

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