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Department of English Literature and Language

The curriculum is divided into three main fields: British literature and cultural studies, American literature and cultural studies and English linguistics. Competence in the English language is the foundation of all these studies. Believing that the department has a responsibility to society to produce graduates with a clearly measurable level of English ability, a minimum TOEIC score is necessary for graduation, and an intensive program of workshop classes is offered to ensure students reach the required level. Students appreciate the value of this program when they start job-hunting as employers increasingly require applicants to have a TOEIC qualification.

Studying abroad is a sure way for a student to improve his or her mastery of English. Konan University has an extensive international exchange network, and every year this department is well represented among the group of students who choose to study abroad for a year during their time at Konan.

The curriculum requires freshmen to strengthen their English ability while taking introductory courses and seminars in all the department's areas of study. Subsequently, students can concentrate upon cultural history, literature or the English language. Our aim is the help students experience the rich cultural areas which are hidden behind the barrier of language. A high value is placed upon developing self-expression skills. Students are expected to give presentations in their seminars and those with sufficient ability are encouraged to write their graduation theses in English.

Our department endeavors to produce graduates who are computer literate and can contribute to the information society. Internet-based courses are offered and a computer language-learning program has been introduced in which students can study in their own time and monitor their own progress. Studies in this department can be continued right through until the final year of the Graduate School, and qualifications can be acquired in teaching and librarianship. We aim to create a challenging yet caring department in which students are encouraged to study hard which being given a high degree of personal attention and help with their problems.

Faculty member
Name Title Field of Research Subject of Research
NAKAJIMA, Toshiro Professor Analysis of Literary and Cultural Texts in English Reading the Representations in Literary and Cultural Texts in English.
AOYAMA, Yoshitaka Professor American Literature Research of the 19th-century American culture from interdisciplinary viewpoint.
OMORI, Yoshihiko Professor American Literature Research on the literature produced in the border states of the American Southwest.
INOSE, Kumie Professor Modern British History & Cultural History of the British Empire Rethinking of the Modern British Society, paying attention to the colonial impacts on the Metropole and its cultures.
YASUTAKE, Rumi Professor American Studies, Womens History Development of Pan-Pacific Womens Networks during the Inter-War Years.
FUKUSHIMA, Akitoshi Professor English Phonetics Acoustic differences between verse and prose. Function of pause.
AKIMOTO, Takafumi Professor American Literature, American Studies Interrelationship between the changing of American Paper Currency System and Imagination in Contemporary American Fiction.
NAKATANI, Kentaro Professor Linguistics, Psycholinguistics Lexical semantics and its interaction with syntax. Human processing of English and Japanese sentences.
DUFFIELD, Nigel G. Professor Language and Cognition, Linguistic Relativism,Vietnamese Grammar Crosslinguistic Syntax, Language Acquisition and Processing
MARTIN Andrew T Associate Professor Phonology, Psycholinguistics Acquisition of phonological categories. Phonological characteristics of infant-directed speech.
SUGIURA Yuko Associate Professor British Literature; Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Theatre Research on Shakespearean drama;Sources and adaptations of Shakespeare's Plays; Children's companies.