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Department of History and Culture

The purpose of the Department of History and Culture is to study the historical legacy and the nature of human beings. Based on research methods cultivated by the study of history, geography and folklore, the curriculum aims to offer a comprehensive education from a wide perspective.

An important feature of this curriculum is the emphasis it places upon globalization. It is taught by a faculty that includes many instructors from foreign countries. With "history and the environment" and "region and culture" as its foundation, it focuses on having the student feel history in his/her everyday life in order to nurture a keen insight into the future. Classes are small so that students can concentrate on reflecting deeply on important issues, engaging in worthwhile research and making presentations in the field of their choice. A variety of approaches are encouraged such as documentary surveys and fieldwork under the careful guidance of faculty members. Moreover, importance is laid on the teaching of basic skills such as foreign languages and information processing.

Presently, through the enhancement of the course for training curators, the curriculum aims to enhance the student's capacity to plan, organize and disseminate information. It is our goal to foster students who will be able to acquire the practical abilities that will allow them to make a contribution to society in a wide range of fields.

Faculty member
Name Title Field of Research Subject of Research
SATO, Yasuhiro Professor History of Japan Studies on Japanese history in the 7th-14th century, especially on issues concerning the tax system, the provincial administration, and the relationship among the Court nobles.
HIGASHITANI, Satoshi Professor History of early Modern Japan and Methodology Studies of the Edo social structure, especially of the samurai society and its relationship to other Edo societies.
INADA, Seiichi Professor Modern Chinese History Historical studies on local leader and market town community in modern China.
NAKAMACHI, Nobutaka Associate Professor Medieval Arab History Arabic manuscripts and transmission of knowledge in the Mamluk Period.
NARUMI, Kunitada Associate Professor Human geography The history of cartography and environmental history.
NAKATSUJI,susumu Associate Professor Human Geography Studies on shifting cultivators in Southeast Asia, especially in the Lao PDR.
DEGUCHI, Akiko Professor Folklore and Geography Studies of watertransport for tourism and waterscape in Japan and adjacent coastal regions.
Minoru Takada Professor European History Social Welfare in Modern Britain
SATO, Hitomi Associate Professor Medieval European History States, social groups, and political cultures in late medieval Italy and European Alpine regions