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Department of Human Science

The Department of Human Sciences is made up of two broad fields. The first is "Applied Humanities" which pursues the scientific study of the many forms of human creative expression in areas such as philosophy, literature and the arts. The second is "Clinical Psychology" which covers fundamental knowledge related to psychological counseling aimed at psychological healing. We take pride in offering a prestigious faculty of specialists learned in a variety of fields such as philosophy, literature, women's studies, the arts, environment, and psychology who together offer a comprehensive and interdisciplinary pursuit of "human expression" that goes beyond the traditional framework both in research and education. We explore the expression of the human mind from three intersecting points: image, language and the body.

In addition to the regular lectures, the department offers a unique way of training where students are able to actually experience and participate. Also, by working in close cooperation with research societies and symposiums sponsored by the Human Sciences Research Center, students are given the opportunity to pursue their fields of specialty in depth.

Moreover, a course where students may acquire qualifications to become museum curators for art and natural history museums has been established, support is offered for those wishing to become environmental counselors or biotope administrators, and a support system has also been designed for those moving on to graduate school to become clinical psychologists.

Faculty member
Name Title Field of Research Subject of Research
IKEGAMI, Tomoko Professor social psychology, social cognition and social identity, prejudice and discrimination Study on psychological mechanisms which underlie interpersonal relationships and group behaviors, with the aim of exploring how society and an individual interact.
OSAWA, Kaori Associate Professor Clinical Psychology, Medical Psychology, Health Psychology Researches on effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapies (CBT) for trauma-related symptoms (e.g., PTSD, depression, anxiety).
ONISHI, Ayako Associate Professor Psychology Major research interests include school bullying (relational aggression, physical aggression), peer relationships, school adjustment and evidence-based practice in school-based interventions.
KAWAGUCHI, Shigeo Associate Professor Philosophy, Hermeneutic Philosophy, Philosophy of Media and Philosophy of Religion German and French Philosophy in the 19th Century and the 20th Century, Hermeneutics of Text, Hermeneutics of Historical Writing, Memory and Representation, and Hermeneutic Study of Anime
KAWATA, Tokiko Professor Theory of Art The theory of modern and contemporary art, and art history. Particularly on art criticism.
KITAGAWA, Megumi Professor Clinical and Developmental psychology Researches on the quality of the child-caregiver relationship (e.g., what influences it and how can it be improved) and on attachment-based intervention.
NISHI, Kinya Professor Theory of Art and Literature, History of Ideas Comparative study of aesthetic discourse in modern Japan and Europe.
NOZAKI, Yuki Lecturer Psychology Psychological studies on individual differences and cognitive mechanisms of emotion regulation in interpersonal situations such as emotional intelligence; Theoretical modeling of extrinsic emotion regulation (i.e., regulation of another person’s emotions)
HATTORI, Tadashi Professor Art History, Art Theory and Museum Studies Critical analysis of visual arts in contemporary society, especially of art by people with disabilities, outsider art, and art with its contact zone.
FUKUI, Yoshikazu Professor Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology, Somatic Psychology Relationship among child abuse, dissociation, adult attachment style, treatment of complex PTSD using EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, TFT, and hypnosis.
MORI, Shigeyuki Professor Clinical Psychology (Trauma Study) Study and practice of psychotherapy with traumatized people, mainly with children.