Department of Biology

The 21st century is predicted to be the "century for life science." In fact, life science topics such as human genome mapping, cloning, and regenerative medical science have become increasingly ubiquitous. Meanwhile, contemporary society is being flooded with even more critical issues such as the preservation of the global environment, the establishment of medical ethics, and the achievement of food security.

The Department of Biology has, since the establishment of Konan University, made great efforts to provide a distinctive educational experience as a private university department. First and foremost, specific teaching goals include the imparting of a solid grounding in the basics of biology. Secondly, emphasis is placed on exposing students to the rapidly advancing information related to life science and providing training in the knowledge and techniques related to biotechnology. This amounts to an educational system established to train future engineers and researchers who possess the potential of making valuable contributions to society. Furthermore, the department strives to nurture young people to be able to grasp and tackle the various issues that society faces, preparing students to take the reins to find the best solutions.

The curriculum at the graduate school level aims to educate students to become experts in their fields with the ability to take active roles in society. Graduates move on to work actively in many spheres.

Faculty member

Name Title Field of Research Subject of Research
IMAI, Hiroyuki Professor Plant Biochemistry The focus of my research is to utilize modern biochemical, cellular and molecular techniques to investigate the questions involved in plant sphingolipid metabolism and function.
KUSAKABE, Takehiro Professor Developmental Biology Studies on the evolution and development of the nervous system and sensory organs in chordates.
HONDA, Daiske Professor Systematics, Environmental Ecology Taxonomic and ecological studies of the protists and algae based on ultrastructure and molecular phylogeny.
KUHARA, Atsushi Professor Neurosicience Sensation, memory, and acclimation in temperature response on the nervous system of C. elegans
MUKAI, Masanori Professor Genetics Analyses of molecular mechanism required for Meiosis in Drosophila melanogaster
WATANABE, Yo-hei Professor Biochemistry Studies on the mechanisms of the molecular chaperones, that assist protein folding.
GOTOH, Ayako Associate Professor Entomology Studies on the reproductive biology of social Hymenoptera.
TAKEDA , Kojiro Professor Molecular Genetics, Cell Biology Studies on regulatory mechanisms of cell division and energy metabolism using fission yeast. Particularly working on ubiquitin/proteasome system.
UEDA , Haruko Associate Professor Plant Cell Biology Plants have evolved the endomembrane-mediated strategies against environmental stimuli. Specific aims of our studies are:(1) to disclose the organ straightening mechanism in response to mechanical stresses and (2) to disclose the quality control mechanism of the ER membrane in response to environmental stimuli.