Department of Japanese Literature and Language

In this department, we utilize the latest academic approaches in order to offer a wide range of studies while considering the Japanese culture from an international standpoint.

Presently, there are courses where students can study and do research on the Japanese language and Japanese literature, respectively. Students can study classical literature and modern literature using up-to-date methodology in Japanese Literature classes, and modern Japanese vocabulary, grammar and dialects in Japanese Language classes. The department provides the classes necessary in order to qualify as a teacher of Japanese literature, or as a language librarian, and to enter other professions.

The department takes active steps to enhance every student's skills in the Japanese language, by offering special classes which focus on Japanese expression, as well as classes focusing on reading and research. Students further build their writing and presentation skills through seminar classes, in which composition and oral presentation are necessary, student teaching experience, and the writing of the mandatory graduation thesis.

Students are also given the opportunity to take classes offered in other faculties and departments. Furthermore, they can participate in a student teaching program in which they teach Japanese abroad. Our student body also includes foreign exchange students, who may come to study at Konan University upon taking a transfer admission test. In this way, Konan has designed a variety of programs in order to nurture a true sense of interculturalism.

Faculty member

Name Title Field of Research Subject of Research
SAIKI, Kyoko Professor Japanese linguistics Subject of Research A study of modern Japanese vocabulary.
TANAKA, Takako Professor Japanese Literature in middle age Studies of japanese religious literature in middle age, especially on Keiranshuyoshu.
TANAKA, Masashi Professor Comparative Literature Labyrinthine Images in Modern Literature.
TSUKAMOTO, Akiko Professor Japanese Modern Literature Study of Japanese Modern Literature. Study of Higuchi Ichiyou.
TOMODA, Yoshiyuki Professor Japanese Modern Literature
Film Studies
Studies of Japanese Modern Literature and Cinema
NISHIO, Junji Professor Japanese linguistics. Sociolinguistics. Variations in Japanese language and Japanese language usage
NONOGUCHI, Chitose Associate Professor Education and Learning of Japanese as a Second Language.
Ecology of Language.
Education and Learning of Japanese as a Second Language.
Language Use by Foreigners Living in Japan.
HIROKAWA, Akiteru Professor Japanese Ancient Literature Study of Man‘yoshu.