Department of Chemistry of Functional Molecules

Developing new synthetic methods, elucidating properties and chemical structures of substances related to functional and biological materials, and discovering their possibilities for energy transformation and chemical environmental cycles, are expected to play major roles as science and technology rapidly progress.

Curricular choices of the Department of Chemistry of Functional Molecules ensure that all students study chemistry from the standpoints of both science and engineering, leading them to understand the basic properties and reactions of substances on molecular levels and to learn how to practically use materials in applied fields according to qualities, reactions, structures, and designs.

Students can choose one of the three courses offered: fundamental molecular chemistry, functional molecules in life-science, and molecular designing in functional materials. Along with the educational policy stated above, students are expected to deepen their knowledge in a specific chemical field to cultivate their own creative power, as well as to acquire both scientific and technological senses in natural science. Our graduates are working in various industries putting their learning to practical uses.

Finally, the graduate school curriculum places emphasis on cultivating a greater capacity to think and resolve issues through executing research on selective themes.

Faculty member

Name Title Field of Research Subject of Research
CHAYAMA, Kenji Professor 1) Analytical Chemistry 2)Environmental Chemistry 1)Synthesis of polythioether derivatives and their use for the metal separation and new analytical systems.
2)Development of the analytical methods for the measurement of hazardous chemicals in environmental samples.
YAMAMOTO,Masahiro Professor Physical Chemistry Physical chemistry of surface and interface, molecular simulation and first-principles calculation.
DANJO, Hiroshi Professor Synthetic Organic Chemistry Development of supramolecular higher-order structures for functional nanomaterials.
NAITO, Muneyuki Professor Material Science Transmission electron microscopy study on amorphous materials.
KIMOTO, Atsushi Associate Professor Organic Electronics Development of pai-conjugated polymers and their macromolecular complexes for organic electronic devices.
KADOYA, Tomofumi Assistant Professor Organic Material Chemistry Development and characterization of organic functional materials.
MACHIDA, Nobuya Professor Inorganic Solid State Chemistry, Inorganic Materials Science Synthesis and Characterization of Ion Conducting Materials and Their Applications for All-Solid-State Batteries.
WATANABE, Junji Professor Design of Biomaterials Regulation of surface and bulk properties based on spontaneously molecular motion and environmental responsibility.
IWATSUKI, Satoshi Professor Analytical Chemistry and Coordination Chemistry Reaction analyses for the inorganic and analytical systems. Fundamental researches for chemical sensing and separation.
IKEDA, Shigeru Professor Materials Chemistry for Photon Energy Conversion Inorganic materials chemistry, photoelectrochemistry, and catalysis chemistry: 1) Fabrication of compound thin film solar cells using wet chemical processes, 2) Developments of photocatalysis and photoelectrodes for solar to chemical energy conversions
MURAKAMI,Ryo Professor Physical Chemistry of Colloids and Interfaces Adsorption of colloidal particles and surfactants at interfaces. Wetting of liquids on substrates. Stabilization of fluid dispersed systems such as emulsions and foams using colloidal particles and the utilization for preparation of novel materials.
KATAGIRI, Kosuke Associate Professor Organic Chemistry and Molecular Structure Synthesis, structure and properties of phosphorus containing supramolecules and coordination polymers.