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Konan Business Law Center

A center for research and training on practices and theories about current business law in Japan

The Japanese business environment has been undergoing dramatic changes in this decade, including deregulation of industries, the strengthening of competition policies, the reinforcing of corporate governance, and further legal protection for intellectual property rights. In response, the Konan Business Law Center is actively and comprehensively analyzing, discussing and disseminating the most up-to-date legal knowledge and skills.

Currently, the Center is primarily committed to carrying out research on Japanese business law in regards to (1) how businesses can effectively incorporate the new internal inspection system required by a recently enacted corporate law,method, patent, or trade secret should be adopted for output of corporate R&D, (3)how central and local governments can best procure goods and services consistent with competitive policies and responsible use of taxes, and (4)how the flow of personal data should be legally controlled. In addition, the Konan Business Law Center strives to provide practicing lawyers and law school students with the opportunity to steadily gain the sophisticated and advanced legal knowledge and skills necessary for current business practice, while bringing about collaboration among business practitioners, corporate officers, government officials and law professors through a variety of research meetings and workshops.

By pursuing these ambitious initiatives, the Konan Business Law Center aims to contribute significantly to Japanese business law. Also, through collaboration with the Konan Law School and various campus research centers such as FRONT and FIBER, the Business Law Center intends to maintain and extend Konan's traditional position of influence in the Kansai region's business circles, there-by further realizing the intentions of the university's founder, Hachisaburo Hirao.