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Business Law Center

Serving as a bridge between theory and practice in the world of business law

The Business Law Center will open in 2006, as an affiliated institution to Konan Law School. It will act as a bridge between the business world and legal research conducted on campus, thereby improving the quality of education and training offered at our Law School.

This center will become a research base for corporate law by building up relationships with companies and corporations, consequently providing plenty of study material for Law School students.

Furthermore, Konan's Business Law Center will be used to gather and store databases on intellectual law, property law, and company law. Graduates can experience the frontlines of business law here. In this way, the center aims to provide a unique and unprecedented forum for legal research.

Future projects include establishing comprehensive research programs regarding corporate law, developing training kits necessary for business lawyers, pre-legal training for graduates who have passed the National Bar Examination, seminars for lawyers and businesspeople, joint research with other institutions, and commissioned research by private organizations.