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マネジメント創造学部 Michael Collins先生へのインタビュー

マネジメント創造学部 2年生 西田遥葵さんがマネジメント創造学部のMichael Collins先生にインタビューを行いました。(KONAN ライブラリ サーティフィケイト)

-Have you ever read Japanese author’s book?
Yes! I read Haruki Murakami’s ‘Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage’. I read it one year ago. Haruki Murakami is a great author! He is one of the best modern authors in Japan. People are very sad because he did not win Novel prize literature. He has been trying a long time and I hope he wins it!

-Please tell me Books genre which you read when you were student.
When I was a student I was very busy with school so I didn’t have a chance to do a lot of reading for fun, but when I had a chance, I always switched between non-fiction and fiction. I like to switch because I want to learn something but I also want to enjoy a nice story.

-Do you like reading a books?
Yes, I do. Reading is very important to people. I wish more of my students read books even not in English, but in Japanese. I wish they read more because if they don’t read in Japanese, then they will not become good readers in English. So it’s important for them to read. Even on the train, not play games on the phone, but read books!

-What book do you want to read now?
There was the book that I read a long time ago, just after College.
It was a really good book it’s called ‘Of Human Bondage’. It’s a very old book, hundred years ago.
It’s a book about the man’s life. It’s fiction but part auto biography.
I’d like to read again because when I was 23, I had my mind was about 23 years old and I was very interested. But I’m older now and I’ll think the book differently now.
I think the author has a very good way about looking at life and how people get older and what their life is like. So I’d like to read it again.

-Please tell me your recommend book for student
It’s called ‘Old man and Sea’ by Humming way. It’s a beautiful and a little bit sad story I don’t want to give it away. It’s very beautiful story and very well written so you can imagine a situation while reading it.
It’s very short, not very long and easy to read for busy students!

-What part is the most memorable to you?
The most memorable part for me is his struggle to catch the fish and how determined he was to get this fish.
This part is memorable because the very old man was trying to catch this very powerful creature. What I really enjoy about it is he has so much respect for this fish because it’s very powerful fish. Even know he’s trying to kill it and trying to get it to sell it to market he still has respect to this fish because of its great power.

-Message for students
Work hard and don’t settle for any job. Keep working for a job you want to have.
Do something in life that makes you happy. Because even you spent a lot of time at work and if you don’t enjoy your job you’re not going to enjoy your life.
So choose a job that you are really interested in, choose something that you like to do and find a way to make a money doing it.
It’s important to have a happy life.
Many Japanese work so many hours. They spend 50, 60, 70 hours a week at work. If you spent that much time and you’re not happy, then your life is not happy.
Find a job that you enjoy.

I felt that he really loves books through this interview. I also love reading a books but I usually decide next book that ‘I feel it’s calling me!’ So I’m taken aback at his idea to switch a genres to read. If I try to do his way, I’ll take more broad view of things. And I felt his all words were persuasive so I want all students to read this interview!

 <Michael Collins先生おすすめの本>
Ernest Hemingway著  『The Old Man and the Sea』 Create Space Independent Publishing Platform,2016年

(インタビュアー:マネジメント創造学部 2年 西田遥葵)


  経済学部 4年生 匿名さんからのおすすめ本です。(KONAN ライブラリ サーティフィケイト)

著者:斎藤 毅



  経済学部 4年生 匿名さんからのおすすめ本です。(KONAN ライブラリ サーティフィケイト)