KIRK Stanley Arthur先生(国際言語文化センター)「Reading for Enjoyment in English: Some Hints」–藤棚vol.32より

 Have you ever tried to read a book inEnglish, but it took too much time and yougave up? Maybe the answer to your problemis reading for enjoyment instead of justreading to study. Many books have been rewrittenin easier English for language learners.These books are called‘ graded readers’, andyou probably read a few of them in your firstyearEnglish class. Reading graded readersis one good, low-stress way to continue yourEnglish study outside of the classroom. Hereare some hints that will help:
 Hint 1: Choose a book that is not too difficult.First, you should find a book that is writtenat a suitable level for you. To do this, read 2or three pages of a book, and count the wordsthat you do not know. If there is an average of2 or 3 new words on each page, the difficultylevel is suitable for you. If there are more than2 or 3 new words per page, the book is toodifficult. Put it back on the shelf and choose aneasier one.
 Hint 2: Choose a book that suits yourinterests. For example, how about a bookabout a famous person you like, or a story thatyou already enjoyed reading in Japanese, or abook about one of your favorite movies? If youalready know about the topic and you like it, itwill be more interesting (and easier!) to readabout it in English.
 Hint 3: Read when your mind is most alert:Some people can concentrate on readingbetter in the morning, but others concentratebetter at night. I like to read in the morningbecause that is when my mind is fresh, butyou might be a ‘night person.’ You need tofind the time that is best for you.
 Hint 4: Find the most suitable environmentfor reading: The best place to read alsodepends on each person’s preference. Ilike to read in a quiet coffee shop with softbackground music, but some people like toread on the train. Others prefer to read alonein their room.
Hint 5: Share your reading with a friend.Meet regularly with friend who also likes toread, and talk together about your reading,sharing your reactions and opinions. This willmake reading in English even more enjoyableand will motivate you to read more!
 Please try!
甲南大学図書館報 藤棚(Vol.32 2015) より