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International Exchange Center

With international exchange as its base, the Center is a place for cultural exchange among students from all over the world.

Konan University and a consortium of American universities led by the University of Illinois has launched a new type of exchange program. Students from many countries are welcomed to Konan and join a special program in intensive Japanese language study and Japanese cultural studies (taught in English). All Students spend the year as guests in Japanese homes. Agreements have been made to enable faculty members to study abroad and for foreign professors to come to Konan to pursue their research. Konan presently has exchange agreements with twelve universities in eight countries, expanding the program in a multitude of ways. The main force behind the support for its activities and promotion is the Center for International Exchange. The Center includes the comfortable Ajisai (Hydrangea) Room, where international and Japanese students can meet and relax together.

KONAN University International Exchange Center