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Speech science laboratory of Konan University

Research topics

Vibration measurement on facial surfaces during speech production
laser Speech sound is radiated not only from the mouth and nostril openings but also from the surfaces of the head and neck. We therefore measure vibration velocity pattern of facial surfaces during phonation using laser-Doppler vibrometers. The vibration pattern may be helpful as visual feedback of speaking and singing exersises.
Origins of speaker individualities
four subjects Everyone has unique voice characteristics as well as unique face. We're investigating the origins of speaker individualities in the speech production system based on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technique. We're also developing a speech synthesis system that can reproduce individual voice.
Production and perception of non-linguistic information in speech
four subjects Speech conveys not only linguistic information but also non-linguistic one, speaker's sex, age, emotion, health condition, and so forth. In this project, we explore how emotional speech is produced, what acoustic features are used to identify speakers, and how non-linguistic information is processed in our brain.
Acoustical characteristics of the vocal tract
tube The transfer function of the vocal tract tells us about relationship between vocal tract shape and acoustic features of speech. So, we measure vocal tract shape during speech production using MRI scanners, form realistic models of the vocal tract, and measure their transfer function. In addition, we try to visualize acoustic phenomena in the vocal tract by acoustic simulation.

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